SCR+ Chika Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

The META Metal Rush Unit!

SCR+ Chika Guide in Anime World Tower Defense

Every time a brand new unit is introduced in Anime World Tower Defense (AWTD), players are intrigued by what or how capable they are in strength and utility. I’m sure you’re not avoiding this thought. This is what makes Anime World Tower Defense an exciting game!

Down below we will discuss why the brand-new SCR+ Chika is a META unit right now! With proper guidance, you should use this unit because it’s worth the grind!

SCR+ Chika Guide

Who thought this cute-looking tower could be so devastating in the game? No one or a few could’ve expected it to turn this way. SCR+ Chika’s

Although the developers might give their all on the animations of this certain unit, you must note that having high graphics might sacrifice the performance of your device. This will hurt the overall smoothness of the game and may affect your enjoyment.

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SCR+ Chika Ability in AWTD

The First Attack of Chika is a Full AoE attack, a surprisingly valuable skill at the very start of its level. This attack can hit multiple targets whenever they’re in Chika’s range.

The next attack is called Kawai Beam, a Line attack with beautiful animation. Upon reaching this level with proper buff, she becomes a 50% crit unit.

The next attack is Volleyball Strike, a Circle AoE skill. The animation is pretty self-explanatory, Chika shoots a volleyball strike down at her opponents. After upgrading to Volleyball Strike, Chika will also become a Love unit.

Maxed Stats of SCR+ Chika in AWTD

Chika can be placed for a maximum of 4 units. Many players play Chika differently by not fully upgrading one unit so that it will remain as a Charm unit and make the rest as Love with 7 SPA hitting at 4 million damage.

Overall, the only thing that will stop players from obtaining Chika is the grind aspect of the game. It would be a rough grind, but with the results, Chika is a very nice unit to have, especially if you want to play competitively. So what are you waiting for? Better prepare and grind the newest META unit available!

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