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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Bothersome Bidoof: Where to Find All 3 Bidoof in Jubilife Village

One, two and three Bidoofs captured!

The Bidoof is a normal-type Pokemon that is considered a Plump Mouse Pokemon. While they are adorable, they sometimes cause trouble for the villages in town. This guide will show you how you can complete the Bothersome Bidoof request.

All 3 Bidoof Locations — Pokemon Legends Arceus

Before you can start the Bothersome Bidoof request, you need to complete the “Basics of Crafting” first.

Go to the request board and accept the Bothersome Bidoof request.

Go to the Jubilife Village and talk to the NPC called Tsumugi by the entrance.

NOTE: You need to have a Bidoof on your team.

Head south and turn to the third red house on your right and you will find the first Bidoof next to a wooden shelf.

For the second Bidoof, go back to the entrance and turn right to the pasture. Keep heading north until you reach the end of the pasture, and you will see it next to the fence.

Turn right from the pasture and keep heading north until you reach the end of the road. Turn right and you will see the third Bidoof next to a wooden cart. Catching this last Bidoof will complete the request.

After giving the Bidoof to Sanqua, you will get a rare candy as a reward for completing the quest.

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