Second Piece: How To Get Cursed Flag & Showcase

“Defend my brethren, my banner! God is here with me…”

You get access to all sorts of weapons when you play Second Piece. As a comprehensive RPG on Roblox, these weapons can add a lot to your overall gameplay experience. Additionally, the game developers are always adding new weapons and move sets.

One such Weapon that is now available in the game is the Cursed Flag. In this guide, we’ll be showing you exactly how you can get access to this weapon. We’ll also look at a small showcase so you can see if it is worth the price. With that said, let’s dive in!

How To Get Cursed Flag & Showcase

Second Piece has added a variety of weapons and move sets in the game that we strongly encourage you should get in the game. They will give you something to aim for and also make the experience more varied for you.

So, why not check out our How To Get Excalibur V2 guide that also has a showcase. It’ll allow you to get the powerful Cursed Excalibur!

However, our main goal is to get the Cursed Flag Weapon. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the Cursed Flag in Second Piece:

  1. Purchase the Cursed Flag for 2199 Robux from the store
  2. Open the Cursed Flag Gift from the Inventory to access the Weapon.

Cursed Flag Obtainment Method

Currently, the only way to get the Cursed Flag Weapon in Second Piece is through Robux. Specifically, you will need to pay 2199 Robux in the store to be able to obtain it. So, if you are someone who prefers free to play, there is unfortunately no way to get it through this route. While it is possible for the developers to add this eventually, it is unavailable now.

Once you purchase the Cursed Flag, open your Inventory in Second Piece. Here, you’ll find the Cursed Flag Gift. Equip it to open it and select the Yes option when the confirmation prompt opens up. Doing so will give you the Cursed Flag in your inventory. Now you can equip it and use the move set however you want!

We have a small showcase next that you can use to determine whether the Cursed Flag is worth the steep price for you. Also, why not consider getting the Elisabeth Fighting Style added not too long ago in the game? Our guide also has a showcase of the move set.

Cursed Flag Gift in Second Piece.

Cursed Flag Showcase

The Cursed Flag is a Godly weapon in Second Piece that actually has some really good damage numbers. Starting off, we have the M1 attacks. These are pretty standards as your character will swing the Cursed Flag and complete a combo if you continue to click. Each M1 attack will deal 44628 Damage.

Cursed Flag M1 attacks in Second Piece.

After that, we have the first move in the form of the Z – Conflagration Stomp. When you activate it, your character will stomp forward and slam the Cursed Flag’s base down. Upon impact, a huge pillar of fire will come out of the ground.

This pillar of fire will deal constant damage 4 times of 51005 each time. At the same time, it will also deal burn damage of 25503 three times. So, in total, this move will deal 280,529 Damage. It requires no startup and lasts for 1 second during which you will remain stationery. Additionally, it has a 5 second cooldown.

Conflagration Stomp move in Second Piece.

Next up, we’ll be looking at the X- Flamme Déchaînée move of the Cursed Flag move set. Upon activation, your character will summon 12 revolving spears in the air. They will slam down one by one in quick succession before unleashing a pillar of flame.

Each spear hit will deal 47828 Damage with a total of 12 spears. Additionally, the pillar of flame after will also deal 38255 damage three times. So, you get a grand total of 688,701 damage with this move if all the hits manage to land. A really rewarding output if you ask us! This move has a 2 second startup and will also last for 2 seconds. Additionally, it has a 7 second cooldown.

Flamme Dechainee move in Second Piece.

Following that up, this weapon also offers the C – Blades of Judgement move. When you use it, your character will rain down spears from the sky in a large AoE area. In total, there will be 25 spears that will each inflict 12760 Damage. In total, if all the hits land, you can deal a large 319,000 Damage. The move lasts for 2 seconds during which you’ll remain stationery. It also has a 10 second cooldown.

Blades of Judgement move in Second Piece.

Last, but not least, we have the V – La Grondement Du Haine Move. With this move, your character creates a revolving circle of flame pillars around them covering a really massive AoE area. These flames deal constant damage 6 times with each hit dealing 38255 damage.

Additionally, this move also deals a one time hit of 114765 damage. So, in total, this move will deal 344, 295 damage. It has a 2 second startup and lasts for 3 seconds. Once the move finishes, it has a really long 19 second cooldown.

La Grondement Du Haine move in Second Piece.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Cursed Flag in Second Piece and its move set showcase. During your gameplay experience, you will require some materials that you can use for other weapons. Our How To Mine Iron and Diamond guide has you covered!


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