Second Piece: How To Get Excalibur V2 & Showcase

“I am the one who was made from dragons in order to destroy the wicked king Vortigern.”

Second Piece on Roblox offers players a fantastic RPG experience where they can explore all sorts of islands. During their journey, they can complete quests while also obtaining unique items, characters and weapons. Many of these are experienced by the anime itself.

One such weapon that you can get now in Second Piece is the Excalibur V2, or Corrupted Excalibur. It is a fantastic sword that you will want to check out. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how you can get. We’ll also show you a showcase of the movesets. With that said, let’s get into it!

How To Get Excalibur V2 & Showcase

In Second Piece, there is no shortage of items and fighting styles that you can get. Obtaining these can help make your game experience much more varied. So, why not check out how you can get the Elisabeth Fighting Style in the game?

With that said, let’s turn our attention to the Excalibur V2. Here are all the steps that you need to follow to get the Corrupted Excalibur in Second Piece:

  1. Obtain the normal Excalibur Sword
  2. Purchase Corrupted Grail from the Emilia Merchant NPC
  3. Use Corrupted Grail to Summon Saber Alter (Artoria Alter) Boss
  4. Obtain the Corrupted Mask as a drop after defeating Boss
  5. Use the Corrupted Mask on the Excalibur to get the Corrupted Excalibur.

Obtain Excalibur V1

Starting off, to get the Excalibur V2, you will first need to have the normal Excalibur in Second Piece. This sword has been in the game for quite a while. However, if you do not have it yet, we have a detailed How To Get Excalibur Guide that outlines the entire process. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the normal Excalibur in Second Piece:

  1. Wait for the Artoria Boss to spawn in Forgotten Isle
  2. Defeat her to get the Holy Grail item at a 15% chance drop
  3. Use the Holy Grail to get the Excalibur at a 30% chance drop.

Once you have the Excalibur, you can proceed with the other steps for getting the Excalibur V2.

Excalibur V1 in Second Piece.

Purchase Corrupted Grail

For the next step in obtaining the Excalibur V2, you’ll be heading to the Frost Isle in Second Piece. Here is where you can find the Conquest game mode. Next to the Conquest game mode, near some boxes is the Conquest Shop. Here, you can find the Emilia NPC who is a merchant that sells various items.

Emilia Merchant in Second Piece.

You’ll be purchasing the Corrupted Grail. The Corrupted Grail in Second Piece costs the following items:

  • x10 Holy Grails
  • x3 Conquest Coins

You can obtain Conquest Coins by winning a Conquest in the game mode. On the other hand, you can get the Holy Grails in three ways. Here are the three ways in which you can get Holy Grails in Second Piece:

  • Defeating the Artoria Boss on Forgotten Isle (50% Drop Rate)
  • Obtaining from opening Chests (7% Drop Rate)
  • Purchase from Emilia for Conquest Coins.

Once you have the Corrupted Grail, we’ll be proceeding to the next step for the Excalibur V2.

Purchasing Corrupted Grail in Second Piece.

Summon & Defeat the Saber Alter Boss (Artoria Alter Boss)

Now that you have the Corrupted Grail, you can move forward and summon the boss for the Excalibur V2. To do this, head to the bridge between the hills on Niflheim Island. Here, you will find the Aqua World Boss Spawn that can be used to spawn the boss.

World Boss Spawn in Second Piece.

You’ll need to first equip the Corrupted Grail from your Inventory. Once that’s done, approach the World Spawn. Here, you will need to spend 7500 Gems with the Corrupted Grail to summon the Saber Alter Boss. Keep in mind that you will need to pay this amount each time when you are summoning her.

Equipping Corrupted Grail in Second Piece.

After she spawns, you will need to defeat her. She can be a tough boss so we recommend that you bring a friend if you can. This is because she is a Level 8500 Boss with around 20 million health. Once you defeat her, there is a 0.5-1% chance for the Corrupted Mask item to drop. 

Since it is so rare, you might need to grind this boss quite a few times until you have this item. It is essential you get this item if you want to get the Excalibur V2.

Saber Alter Boss in Second Piece.

Use Corrupted Mask on Excalibur

Now that you have the Corrupted Mask, you’ve almost got the Second Piece Excalibur V2 in your hands. Start by selecting the Corrupted Mask from your Inventory. After that, go into your Inventory and select the Excalibur. When you do both of these actions, you’ll get a prompt that asks you to confirm using the Corrupted Mask.

Select the Yes option and you’ll see your Excalibur transform into the Corrupted Excalibur, or Excalibur V2. And there you have it; you’ve successfully obtained it in Second Piece.

If you are curious about whether this sword is worth it, you can look at the Excalibur V2 Showcase we have for you next. Before that though, why not check out How To Get Shadow Dagger guide for Second Piece?

Using Corrupted Mask in Second Piece.

Excalibur V2 (Corrupted Excalibur) Showcase

The Corrupted Excalibur is a powerful weapon in Second Piece. We’ll be looking at the entire moveset you have access to once you equip it. Starting off, we have the M1 attacks that can deal around 38253 damage per hit across the entire combo.

After that, we have the first move in the form of Z – Mana Burst. When you activate it, your character will dash ahead with the Excalibur V2 at the enemy and swing their sword downwards. This deals an AoE Attack with 127501 damage.

The Mana Burst Move has a 0.5 second start up with a 0.5 second end lag as the animation finishes. It also has a 7 second cooldown.

Mana Burst move in Second Piece.

Next up, you have access to the X – Excalibur move with the Corrupted Excalibur. Upon activation, your character will swing around before throwing forward a burst of corruption energy. Upon landing, this attack will deal continuous damage of 38252 damage per hit ten times.

In total, this move will deal 380252 damage and has a 10 second cooldown. It lasts for 0.5 seconds and has a length startup animation of 2 seconds. During these two seconds, you will have immunity but will remain stationary.

Excalibur Move in Second Piece.

Finally, you can unleash the C – Excalibur Morgan move which is the Excalibur V2’s ultimate attack. Your character will send forth a burst of energy that deals continuous damage 5 times. Each hit will deal 76510 damage for a whopping total of 637,590 damage.

It lasts for 0.5 seconds with a 1 second startup. Keep in mind that it does have the longest cooldown of 17 seconds. So, use it wisely!

Excalibur Morgan move in Second Piece.

That’s everything you need to know about getting the Excalibur V2 and its showcase in Second Piece. The game continues to add new content – such as the new Sans Spec now also available in the game. Check out our Sans Spec Location guide, so you can find it for yourself!


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