Second Piece: How To Get Sukuna (Half Power) Guide & Showcase

Here’s everything that you’ll need to do!

Second Piece is a Roblox game that features one of the legendary trios that people call in the anime world, “One Piece,” which amassed tons of followers due to its longevity and unique storyline.

Second Piece also features various anime characters, items, and specs outside One Piece (Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, and many more). A reason why it sets itself apart from its competitors is its multifaceted offerings and dynamic gameplay.

Here we will cover how to get the brand-new Sukuna [Half Power] spec and a little showcase to get you started!

Getting Sukuna [Half Power]

First, you will need to travel to Gon Island, which is the place where you can buy the required materials for summoning Sukuna. Choose the Sukuna Fingers Bag, which you can get for 10 Sukuna fingers and 500 gems.

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Right after that, travel to Niflheim Island, equip Sukuna from your bag into your hand, and talk to Aqua to spawn him for 7500 gems.

Note that you must defeat Sukuna Boss to get the Sukuna or King Of The Curse Soul, there’s 9% drop chance. This item is essential for getting Sukuna [Half Power], and you can only obtain it from Sukuna Boss.

After that, travel to Cursed Isle and talk to Sukuna NPC to buy Sukuna v2 for 5000 gems and Sukuna Soul.

For those unfamiliar with the famous Jujutsu Kaisen anime. Sukuna is one of the central antagonists of the said anime series. He’s a master of hand-to-hand combat and a sorcerer known as the King of Curses. This title is only given to the greatest Sorcerer of all time.

Sukuna Showcase

Acquiring Sukuna will give you three unique Movesets that can be seen in the anime.

  • The first move, which is bound into your “Z” key, is named Dismantle. Where it throws slashing lines unto your target for a short range.
  • The next move is called Fire Arrow or Fuga, which is bound to your “X” key. This move is another ranged attack but has a much longer range than dismantle. You’ll notice an explosion effect once you’ve hit your target.
  • The final move is bound to your “C” key, Cleave Barrage. It is relatively short-range and considered a Melee AoE attack. This attack has a fantastic animation, which you will surely enjoy.

Overall, you can try getting Sukuna and exploring the wonders this sorcerer offers in Second Piece. Acquiring him might be troublesome and time-consuming, but I know it’ll be worth it! So, what are you waiting for? Set sail and conquer the seas with Sukuna!

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