How To Install or Upgrade to Windows 11 Official Release

Easy way to install Windows 11 LEGALLY!

Now, there were tons of leaks of the newest version of Windows, Windows 11, a few weeks back. But can you legally switch over to this operating system at the moment? Yes, and it is really straightforward. Unlike those leaks, this is how to officially install or upgrade to Windows 11 official release. You do have to be a ‘Windows Insider’ to install it though. Don’t worry, you can be that with a click of a button!

Install or Upgrade to Windows 11 Official Release

DISCLAIMER: Windows 11 isn’t fully released yet. However, there is a developer early access version which anyone can install easily. With that said, expect a lot of bugs, issues, and an unstable experience.

If you’re like me, then that disclaimer didn’t change your mind, hey, it’s Windows 11, how can you resist the urge to switch to it immediately. To get back to the topic at hand, there are a couple of things that need to be done in order to install the operating system.

Become a Windows Insider

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to become a Windows Insider and install Windows 11:

  1. Open up the Start Menu and go to Settings.

  2. Navigate to Update & Security > Windows Insider Program.

  3. Click on ‘Get Started’. If there are any errors, you can find fixes for them below in the ‘Bugs & Fixes’ part.

  4. Link an account, login with one if you haven’t already.

  5. When it is time to pick the insider settings, you will need to select ‘Dev Channel’.

Now, it already says it on there that these users usually get all the latest software and features, but since these software updates and features aren’t stable yet, you might run into a lot of issues.

The others on the list, don’t have the ability to upgrade to Windows 11 just yet.

NOTE: At the time of writing that is the case with the insider channels, but try the others for good measure, as they might have support for Windows 11 in the future.

Upgrade to Windows 11

Once you have selected the Dev Channel, or any channel that has support for Windows 11, head straight to the Windows Updater.

Check for updates and you should see Windows 11 available. Start downloading, but before switching over to it, I highly recommend backing up all your files and data on a separate external drive.

Simply wait for the Windows Updater to finish downloading, and then restart if necessary, and you should boot up in Windows 11 the next time you start your PC!

Bugs & Fixes

If you’re getting a ‘aren’t able to talk to our service’ error, then you might not have an internet connection. Double-check that you do, and make sure it is stable to fix this error.

However, if you encounter ‘you’ll need to turn on optional diagnostic data’ then click on ‘Go to Diagnostics & Feedback settings to turn on optional diagnostics data’. Then, simply turn all of the diagnostics data, so that you’re eligible to join the Windows Insider Program.

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