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Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 1: All Secrets Locations

Having a hard time uncovering all the secrets? Well, say no more!

If you are lost in finding the secret locations in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, no worries! In this article we will go through all the locations with a detailed explanation.

All Secrets Locations: Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 1

  • The first location is right on the shore next to the stone pillars in the garbage pile next to the drain pipe. You will find the ammo here.
  • Look for the second location west of the first site location. Move straight and you will find the trap in the metal container.
  • Next we look for the Armor, go east of the metal container and pass by the stone pillars. To your right you will see the ruined wooden platform, here is the third location.
  • Now let’s find the Rocket Launcher. Go in the opposite direction from the ruined wooden platform, on the right side of the house in front of you, will be a hole covered with wooden planks, shoot the wooden planks and below you will find the rocket launcher.
  • You will find the explosives next to the small metal house. Just run opposite the wooden house to the forest area.
  • The sixth location brings Armor again. Go west of the last location and move straight until you come across an SUV after the buildings. When you reach the SUV, turn left and go to the wooden platform in front of you.
  • Then, opposite the wooden platform, go to the left side of the house and move towards the big dried tree, here you will find the trap.
  • Then, from the last location, go west and go straight on the icy valley. Behind the wooden house you will find the rockets.
  • The ninth location is the secret Loped Portal.
  • The tenth secret location is in the hangar of the metal barrel. Climb the stairs and in the small room turn left, here will be the barrel.
  • The eleventh location is just behind the locomotive screen, behind the small concrete blocks.
  • Then, go opposite the last location and go straight and go around the locomotive. In the middle of the two locomotives you will find the depot.
  • Then go to the AR-2R sector under the stairs at both pipes. There is an entrance here. After going in, on your right side you will find the explosives.
  • Then, enter the entrance to the isomerization unit. Go straight ahead and on the right behind the building, you will find the explosives.
  • Opposite the distribution facility, in the large hangar there is an eaves above the entrance, here is the armor.
  • Lastly, move along the walls of the distribution facility. When you come across the five boxes on the wall, shoot at them. When you knock down the boxes you will see that you need to place c4 on the wall. Place c4 and tear down the wall.

Now, unto the next secret location hunting!

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