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Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 2: All Secrets Locations

Looking for the secret locations in chapter 2? Don’t look further as we compiled a guide of every location!

Finding secret locations can be complicated, but save yourself the trouble from searching since we went through all of them here in full detail and graphics!

All Secrets Locations Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem Chapter 2

  • The first location is in the sector C4-M8, go until the wall is in front of you. Climb the pipes that lead to the ceiling of the room, in front of you will be the first gadget.
  • To find the second location, go back and cross the metal bridge, get off the rails and in the last railway wagon, inside the metal container is the armor.
  • Then, for the third location, go up again and cross the metal bridges and turn right. At the backup warehouse, turn left and behind the two metal canisters you will find the explosive.
  • The fourth location is easy to find. Turn left from the canisters and go through the 04 hangar, then left again and enter the 02 hangar. On the right side of the shelves will be the explosives.
  • It is the 5th location in a row, exit opposite the hangar and go straight on the road, stick to the wall of rocks on your left and then climb it. Next to the wooden house on the snowman’s head you will find health.
  • Then, continue in the direction you came from, go to the big building that has generators in the middle. Go to the east side of the building and on the right side you will come across an elevator. Get on the elevator and activate the button. Afterwards, go back to the hangar opposite of the building and inside it you will find the Skillpoint.
  • The seventh location is found immediately opposite the large tower with a red light at the top. In the corner by the fence, is an armor that you can claim.
  • To find the hacked drone you need to go between the metal containers. On the left side you will find the drone.
  • Then, get out of where you came from and get off under the bridge in front of you. Note to get off on the concrete part just below the bridge. Below it you will see an opening leading to a portal.
  • To add,  in the direction where the yellow robot is looking are containers. Between the containers you will find the secret explosive.
  • For the last location go behind the big yellow robot and on the left you will see containers. Under container 02 place C4 and this will take you to the secret portal. Here you will have several enemies and obstacles inside but just follow the path you can not get lost.

Now that all the secrets are spilled, time for you to get a hold of it!

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