Shadovia: Best Kingsbane Build Guide

The ultimate charged attack build!

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We’re going to talk about another amazing build in Shadovia and this time, it’s the Kingsbane. Players who’ve reach endgame in Shadovia never stops to find the best build around various weapons to go with.

With new content on the horizon, we’re excited to see how well builds like the Kingsbane will fare when they drop.

Kingsbane is an exceptional melee weapon and if you’ve luckily got it, you cannot sleep on the potentials. The full burst damage with Kingsbane with everything maxed out can reach about 25k in total. Henceforth, we shall reveal the recipe for this build.

Best Kingsbane Build Guide

The Kingsbane build we’re going to show you is the Kingsbane charged attack build. The weapon’s stats by itself are generally make it a great melee weapon but nothing specifically for charged attack.

Thus, in theory, you can use any other weapon for this build if you don’t have the Kingsbane yet. As long as they are melee weapon with attack speed buff. The full build requires:

  • Kingsbane (Weapon)
  • Doombringer Hat (Hat)
  • Doombringers Chest (Chest)
  • Doombringers Legs (Legs)
  • Vermillion Cape (Acc)
  • Malevolent Binded Curse (Acc)
  • Slime King Crown (Acc)
  • Vampire Slayer (Shield)

The build revolves around Kingsbane, so naturally, you’ll need the Transcendent drop (guide how to get it is here!) first. The Kingsbane stats at level 10 are:

  • 360 Melee Power
  • +15 Speed
  • +20% Attack Speed

To capitalize on this build, the most important next build is the Doombringer Hat. The hat can be crafted using 2x Ruby, 10x Molten Ingots, and 10x Silver Ingors. The stats are:

  • +50% Charge Attack Power
  • +50% Charge Speed

Thanks to this Hat, you will be able to launch your charged attack at relatively safe time frame. The much shorter wind up allows you to not just attack more often, but also dodge in time when needed.

Shadovia: Best Kingsbane Build Guide

The following set will be easier to get as theyr’e reward from the Doombucket’s Second Quest. The Doombridgers Chest and Legs combined stats are:

  • +120 Health
  • +27 Defense
  • Full set causes attacks to explore based on charge power.

For the shield, you need the Vampire Slayer which comes with +7 Armor Pierce for the stats. It’s also a reward from completing the Paolo’s Quest.

And then the accessories. We need the Vermillion Cape which is also a drop from the same boss for Kingsbane. The stats are:

  • +1 Speed
  • +6% Damage
  • Provides Featherfalling.

Then the Malevolent Binded Curse which is from the Elder Gloorc:

  • +12 Armor Pierce
  • +12% Charge Attack Power

And finally, the Slime King Crown. Perhaps one of the rarest drops in the game, but it’s totally worth the grind. Check out this guide for the most effective way to grind the Slime King Crown. So, here’s the stats:

  • +25% Health
  • +25% Damage
  • +2 Speed
  • Attack applies Goo.

So that’s the full Kingsbane build in Shadovia! Grinding for these equipments is definitely going to take you a lot of time. Depending on your luck, however, they might not take as long as you think!

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