Shadovia: How To Get The Best & Broken Builds (Highest DPS)

Become a god of DPS.

You will need the best build to aid you on your journey through Shadovia‘s untamed forests, perilous dungeons, and rugged mountain ranges as you fight, loot, and craft your way through them. If you are wondering how you are going to do that, we have your back.

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to get the best and most broken builds in Shadovia with the highest DPS.

Prepare yourself to become the greatest battler in the game—because you soon will be.

How To Get The Best & Broken Builds

The first thing we should inform you about is that Shadovia recently got a small update, and some of the items in the game received a nerf.

However, it is still possible for you to get the best build in the game with really high DPS.

Shadovia: How To Get The Best & Broken Builds

To be able to get the best build, you should have the best items in the game. With the build we are about to talk about, it is possible for you to reach 10K DPS, even after the Nerf update. Let’s see what you need to have to obtain it.

  • Rough Chestplate: You can obtain this chest plate obtained through crafting. In order to craft it, you should have 1 Rough Armor Schematic, 24 Rough Leather, 4 Orcium, and 1 Orcan Rune.
    • Stats: +25% charge speed, +20% physical damage.
    • Equipping the full set gives you +5 defense and 3% melee power on hit for 8 seconds.
  • Orcan Battler Leggings: You can obtain these leggings by completing the Warlorc Needs Help quest.
    • Stats: +25% health, +15% physical damage.
  • Arm Bracer: One of the desert enemies will drop it.
    • Stats: +5 armor pierce, +5 defense.
    • Arm bracer with serrated edges. Able to slow and stab opponents.
  • Icemourn: There are two ways that you can obtain this sword. One is dropping from Grizzclaws and another is by crafting with the Christmas 2023 event items. It requires 99 Snowballs, 1 Rainbow Gem, and 25 Jolly Ingots.
    • Stats: +600 melee power.
  • Wild Bear’s Light: You will have the chance to discover this accessory when you defeat the Bear Head boss.
    • Stats: +30% health, -5 speed, -25% damage taken.
    • Q is replaced by a pounce.
  • Negative Skeleton Mask: You can find this accessory by looting Graveyard Chests.
    • Stats: +20% attack power, -20% defense.
  • Panic Ring: You can get this one by defeating Slother NPCs.
    • Stats: +5% damage, +0.65 health regeneration.
    • Taking excessive damage causes panic, drastically increasing speed.
Shadovia: How To Get The Best & Broken Builds

This is Shadovia: How To Get The Best & Broken Builds with Highest DPS. We hope that you enjoyed this video and found it beneficial. If you have any further questions on your mind, feel free to leave a comment below.

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