Humankind: How to Win a War

Become a true God of War!

Humankind is a very similar game to Civilization, at first glance. You think it would work the same, but it doesn’t. The diplomacy is more complex and the battles are a lot more interesting, especially because you can look at the troops without getting a concussion from the absurd amount of troops on screen… Since everything is so different, here is a quick guide to show you how to handle all the mechanics and win all your wars!

How To Win A War – Humankind

Wars aren’t that complex. To declare war on your enemies, either just attack them like a crazed barbarian, or do it through diplomacy, after the tension between your countries increases.

You can see that in your diplomacy tab if you look at war support. If the war support is low, you have bigger chance of ending the war prematurely.

Once you’ve declared war, there are a few ways you can get the victory. One of them is conquering cities.

We have another guide to show you how to conquer cities and how to bring down their walls. Check it out here.

The other thing you should do is destroy their armies. Now, your retinues in the beginning will have a limit of 4 troops in it. And the most powerful troops are the cavalry.

Now, I would personally suggest you use two infantry units and two ranged units. For the infantry units, select ones that have the  anti-cavalry skill, which means you’ll destroy all cavalry.

For the ranged units it does not really matter, just put them as the last two troops, so that in battle they would be behind your infantry.

In battles you could just make your infantry defend while your arches rain hellfire on your enemies!

Once you have brought your enemies’ war support to 0, they will either surrender, or you’ll have to force surrender them from the diplomacy screen.

Using your war score, you can then take some cities and get a lot of monetary reparations from them.

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