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Shadowlands: What To Do After Zereth Mortis Campaign | Secrets Of The First Ones

You finished this big questline. What to do next?!

When you fell in love with this expansion and finished absolutely everything connected with the campaign. Now you must be wondering what is left to do? Well, there is plenty. Let’s get started!

What To Do After Zereth Mortis Campaign | Secrets Of The First Ones – Shadowlands

Some players will say, now you can start playing the game! World of Warcraft has a plethora of things for doing. You can go ahead and start actively Raiding and checking out different Dungeons. Getting new sets of gear and making your character stronger by clearing out big bosses is very rewarding.

You go ahead and delve yourself into becoming a mount collector. There are so many of them, each different than the other. There are pet battles that are almost like a pokemon game, and not to say that you can show off in front of other people with your cool mountable dragon.

Lore Master achievements and achievement hunting is something that you can lose countless of hours on WoW. If you are in a roleplay server, just find yourself an achievement hunter and go crazy. Believe me, you’ll get shocked at how involved you’ll become with this.

PvP is always a very interesting choice. Go into big Battlegrounds, or better yet, team up with your guild and go unto conquest. Raid and destroy your enemy’s faction bases and fight it off into huge battles in front of their capitals. It doesn’t get better than that.

There are a lot of treasures, toys, and secrets throughout this vast world that you can discover. You can always create different sets of characters. Go through all of the lore of the races and classes.

The main question is, why are you playing World of Warcraft? If it is to experience a full living and breathing fantasy world that you can get lost inside, then this is the game for you. Still, it is up to you to find this answer.

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