Mairwyn The Elementalist Location – V Rising

Are you ready to face the Elementalist?

From werewolves to vampire hunters, you will face multiple enemies in V Rising. Surviving these enemies will depend on your strategy and strength. This guide will show you where you can find Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising. 

Mairwyn the Elementalist Location – V Rising

Mairwyn the Elementalist is one of the challenging bosses you can defeat in V Rising. As always, start by using the Blood Altar to track down Mairwyn the Elementalist. Once you start tracking the blood of Mairwyn, you will find him in the Emberleaf Grove as shown on the map below. 

The Emberleaf Grove area is to the southeast of Silverlight Hills. The Emberleaf Grove is an area especially favored by Elementalists. Mairwyn will spawn multiple projectiles that stay in the area. She can attack you with other projectiles even when this is active. 

Mairwyn’s electric bolts will also track your movements so be sure to dodge in advance. She can affect you with multiple status effects as well so be wary of that.  Try to have minions of your own while fighting Mairwyn to help tank some of her targeted attacks. 

Once you defeat Mairwyn, you can now craft the Imperial Thread and you will unlock the Crystal Lance skill. 

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