SkibiVerse: 2.0 Update Complete Guide & G-Man 4.0 Boss Fight + Dungeons

Everything you need to know about the 2.0 update of SkibiVerse!

SkibiVerse 2.0 G-Man 4.0 Boss

SkibiVerse is a Roblox experience set within the Skibidi Toilet universe, and in it, you have a lot of morphs to collect and a whole vast map to explore.

With the upcoming 2.0 Update, a lot of changes and returning features are coming to the game. In this article, we’ll briefly go through everything shown in the recently released trailer.

2.0 Update Complete Guide & G-Man 4.0 Boss Fight + Dungeons

Although a release date has not been announced just yet, the short trailer they put out showed quite a lot despite being just two minutes long.

One of the very first features officially revealed is the addition of a functioning combat system and PVP.

This is very exciting news for long-time players, as there hasn’t been much to do in the game aside from running around and collecting morphs.

SkibiVerse combat

In addition to that, they seem to be adding roaming NPCs to the game to make the map feel more alive, and some of them appear to be enemies that you can fight as well.

SkibiVerse pvp

G-Man 4.0 & Dungeons Confirmed

One significant new addition coming to the game is the G-Man 4.0 boss, which is a massive NPC that will require players to work together in order to take it down.

This was actually leaked some time ago, and now we have official confirmation that it will be added in the upcoming update.

SkibiVerse g-man 4.0

Dungeons will also be coming, though we are currently unsure of what that entails. They did reveal what will be known as the Skibidi Factory, however, which appears to be one of the aforementioned dungeons.

SkibiVerse skibidi factory

Upgraded titans will also be coming to the game, though we have no clue as to how you can get them just yet. They do appear to be very large though, and they will likely be the best choices for beating the upcoming boss.

SkibiVerse upgraded titans

Other New Features

Other teased features include the ability to “infect” other players, though they never really explained what that meant.

We can assume it will be a new game mode, and it may be related to the other keywords that they flashed on the screen, such as “control time” and “smash”.

On that note, minigames will also be added in this update, and it may have something to do with the previously mentioned keywords. Only time will tell what these will actually be like.

SkibiVerse gameplay

And that is everything we know so far about the upcoming SkibiVerse 2.0 update. It is a massive patch that will add a ton of new features to the game, so fans will have a lot to look forward to in the near future!

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