Slap Battles: How To Get All Cheekys Guide

Will you let Bob kill you?

Slap Battles: How To Get All Cheekys Guide

Cheekys in Slap Battles adds new movement mechanics to players and all of them feature different designs! Players can chase after others or run in style with these funny Cheekys and we’ll show you the requirements to get each of them. Who would’ve known Slap Battles is more than just about slapping? Let’s go!

How To Get All Cheekys

Cheekys are rewards for different things you do in game. They don’t necessarily have to be about being directly slapped by other players. Dying to special abilities or gloves are the typical ways to get the cheekys. And when you die, you’ll take a few seconds to respawn afterward.

  • Stone Cheeky. To get this one, collide with a Megarock. You’ll die a few seconds after.
Stone Cheeky in Slap Battles.
  • Golden Cheeky. There are several ways to get this. Either you get hit by a Flex user or Golden Pan, or get shot by a Golden Gun hitman.
  • Voodoo Cheeky. Let a Voodoo user kill you while their ability is on.
  • Ice Cheeky. Let an Ice user slap you.
  • Diamond Cheeky. Let Rocky hit you. You’ll only be stunned for a few seconds before you can move again.
  • Glitched Cheeky. While an Extended user is slapping you, deactivate. People can ride you, but make sure not to get slapped again as it’ll break your camera.
  • Short Cheeky. Time for a fun ride. Let a Bonk user bonk you and you’ll be 100x faster.
Short Cheeky after hit by Bonk user.
  • Snow Cheeky. Let a Frostbite user freeze you.
  • Invisible Cheeky. Let Bob kill you.

Some of the Cheekys can be janky as heck due to their weird movements and requirements to get. So be careful when you’re in some of these Cheekys since you might just glitch out very hard. And that’s how you can get all the Cheekys in Slap Battles. If you haven’t gotten it already, we’ve got a guide for the new Plank Glove and the Cranking 90’s badge!


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