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Solar Ash: Eternal Garden All Voidrunner Stashes & Tarragon Danderpaw’s Lost Journal Locations

Collect all Voidrunner Stashes!

Solar Ash is an adventure fighting game that focuses on Rei, who is on a mission to save her planet. The game gives you a futuristic landscape and enemies and collecting the Voidranner Stashes and Tarragon Danderpaw can give you more information about Pyat. 

Voidrunner Stash Locations

The Voidrunner Stash can give you more information about Pyat and get the Engine Robber suit. To get the 1st Voidrunner Stash, you need the Redshift Steeplechase Suit. Touch the Yellow Mushroom near the Cathedral and skate until you reach the building on top of the cloud. 

You can find the first Voidrunner Stash inside the building. Go down and scale up the bone with a black ooze. On top of it is the 2nd Voidrunner Stash. To get to the 3rd Voidrunner Stash, you need to hook onto the grapple points in the middle of the air until you reach the top of the building where the Stash is. 

Go down and inside the building. Jump down the hole and scale up the right platform. Gain momentum and jump to the left platform to find the 4th Stash. Use the yellow tube to go back up the surface. The last Voidrunner Stash is behind the Cathedral, on the stone platforms. 

Tarragon Danderpaw’s Lost Journal Locations

From the location of the 2nd Voidrunner Stash, jump down and skate through the blue tube on the area and jump to the red tube. Before reaching the end of the red tube, jump to the left and you will see a circular railing. The log is on the table inside the huge railing. 

Start from the building containing the last Stash and go north until you see a mushroom-like building. You will see the 2nd Lost Journal on top of the plant bed, after climbing the stairs. 

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