Sons of the Forest 1.0 – All Endings & How To Get Them

New endings for everyone to see!

Sons of the Forest 1.0 - All Endings & How To Get Them

A lot of games these days have multiple endings that players can work toward. Sometimes they need to do certain things along the main story, or you just choose at the very end. Whatever the case may be it’s always good to know what the different endings are!

With the release of the 1.0 version of Sons of the Forest, we finally have a couple of new endings in the game. So, a lot of players are wondering what the new ones are and how to get them.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get all of the endings in the game. We’ll go through each one of them and how you can get them throughout the game. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get them!

All Endings & How To Get Them

With the release of the 1.0 version of the game, there are a couple of new endings for the game. Some of these endings that are shown need certain characters to survive till the end, that much is obvious. Now let’s see what the new endings are.

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot more stuff added with 1.0. So, here’s a complete guide on everything that’s been added in the 1.0 Update!

Stay Behind Ending

After defeating the last boss of the game and you watch the Helicopters land for you, a strange thing will happen. The artifact in your backpack will suddenly move away from you. The game now gives you a choice of either following the artifact or getting to the helicopter.

If you choose to follow the artifact, the Helicopters will leave you behind. This is the “play after the ending” choice of the game.

Sons of the Forest Artifact

Leave With The Helicopter Ending

If you don’t follow the weird artifact and instead, go with the Helicopter, a long scene will play. You and the rest of the NPCs like Timmy, Kelvin, and Virginia will get on the chopper if they’ve survived.

The animation here is a bit rough and you can tell that character animation is not the best for the developers but it’s still action-packed. When you finally get out of that forsaken island, you’ll fly away and see the rest of the endings if you get them.

Sons of the Forest Helicopter

Timmy Ending

If Timmy survives in your game and you escape the island with the helicopters you can get the Timmy ending. It’s a bittersweet one where you both survive but the doctors aren’t willing to help him out with recovering. The ending is left open-ended by the developers.

Sons of the Forest Timmy Ending

Kelvin Ending

If Kelvin survives at the very end of the game, where you fly with the Helicopters, you’ll get his ending. It’s an ending where you go inside a Brain Injury Ward where Kelvin is still not recovering. He’s still acting childish and is even wearing childish clothes implying that his disability is permanent.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin Ending

Virginia & Kelvin Ending

If you both have Kelvin alive and befriended Virginia in the game, you can get their ending when you leave with the helicopters. The scene will start with Virginia being sent to the Operating Theatre in a hospital.

Sons of the Forest Virginia Ending

A time skip of 5 months will then go by and you’ll be next to a car with Virginia. You’ll ride along a highway and as you look at Virginia you’ll see that she’s pregnant and that Kelvin is at the back enjoying himself. A fun nice ending that both these NPCs deserve!

Sons of the Forest Virginia And Kelvin Ending

That’s all of the endings and how to get them in Sons of the Forest 1.0. Now, go out there and try to get it all yourself! If you’re wondering where all the book recipes are in the game check out our guide on all the book recipe locations for more info!


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