Soul Knight Prequel: Best Material Farming Guide

Satisfy all your material needs.

The entire gameplay of Soul Knight Prequel revolves around farming, whether it be materials, weapons or level XP. You can farm all of this in various ways, primarily through grinding the dungeons.

However, grinding can get incredibly tedious if you’re doing it for too long, especially when doing so for high grade material.

High grade material can be very difficult to farm since it is so rare. In this guide, we will show you the best way to farm all types of material in the game. In this way, you can avoid the intense amount of grinding and focus those efforts elsewhere!

Best Material Farming Guide

For the most part, farming in general is pretty straightforward in Soul Knight Prequel. All you need to do is farm dungeons, get equipment and then dismantle it. After that, you just rinse and repeat until you get material. 

However, this method can be extremely unreliable as sometimes you may get a higher amount of one type of material over others.

Typically, you might notice that you are getting higher tier material more than the rest. So, what will you do when you actually need that other material for crafting something?

Materials indicated in Soul Knight Prequel.

Farming M Tier Material

Starting off, we will examine how you can get Magic Tier Material. This is material that is associated with gear that ends with ‘Tier M’ at the end.

Make your way to the Plaza Fountain Statue in the game.

Plaza Fountain Statue in Soul Knight Prequel.

Here, change the difficulty to Challenging. Doing so will prevent G Tier Equipment from dropping, which means higher chances for getting M Tier Equipment.

Changing to Challenging Difficulty in Soul Knight Prequel.

After that, make your way to the World Map where you can go through different Dungeon Levels. To get Tier M Material, we highly recommend that you only farm the Geolithic Hills Dungeon.

Geolithic Hills in Soul Knight Prequel.

Once you load into the Dungeon, go straight to the boss by rushing towards him. You can ignore everything else, and doing so will save you a lot of time when grinding Tier M Material.

Eventually, you will come across the Triumvirite Megalith.

Triumvirite Megalith boss in Soul Knight Prequel.

Defeat the Boss and go through the Drops. If you managed to get a Tier M Legendary Item, then great, you can go straight to the Dismantling step. However, it is also possible that you get a non grade Legendary Item. What you get will depend on your luck.

If you do get a non grade Legendary Item, you can Enhance it by visiting the Craftsmith NPC. You will need Lydite to enhance the item. Getting Lydite should not be an issue, as you can get it in various ways:

  • Defeating enemies in Elite Dungeons
  • Defeating enemies in Valkyrie Floors
  • Opening Sapphire Key Chests

Once you have enough Lydite, you can Enhance your non grade legendary items. Enhance it only until you see the M Grade appear at the end of the item. 

Longboots of Sorcery M Grade Item in Soul Knight Prequel.

Now that you have an M tier Legendary Item, you can now get your M Tier Material. You will need to go to the Blacksmith NPC which will be right next to the Craftsmith. Here, place the item that you got and Dismantle it.

Doing so will net you Magic Tier Material. Now, you can repeat this method until you have the amount you need.

Dismantling M Grade Item in Soul Knight Prequel.

Farming G Tier Material

Alternatively, you might be interested in getting G Tier Material. You can recognize items associated with this material by looking at the name of the item, which will have the letter G at the end.

To get G Tier Material, farming Elite Bosses is the best method. You can find one such Elite Boss at the Southern Steppes Dungeon, as shown on the World Map below.

Southern Steppes Dungeon in Soul Knight Prequel.

When you reach this Dungeon, ignore everything else and make your way towards the end. Here, you will encounter a boss whose name starts with the word Elite. Any such boss with the word ‘Elite’ in its name can be used to get G material.

Fighting Elite Boss in Soul Knight Prequel.

Defeat the boss and you will likely find a Legendary Item with the Tier G at the end. Again, this will depend on your luck, but with Elite bosses, your chances are much higher.

Now, you can take the Item to the Blacksmith and use the same Dismantling method that you used for obtaining Tier M Material.

After Dismantling, you should get G Tier Material, and you can repeat the method until you have enough for your requirements.

In this way, you should be able to get all types of material easily!

Obtaining Legendary G Grade Item in Soul Knight Prequel.

That’s everything you need to know about the best method for material farming in Soul Knight Prequel. We have looked at how you can get both G and M Tier Materials, as you will likely need both when crafting items for yourself.

You can use either method depending on what type of item you are trying to craft. While it does require grinding, these methods will help reduce the tediousness as much as possible.

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