Soul Knight Prequel: Best Way to Farm Ore Guide

Boost your ore gains with this simple method!

Soul Knight Prequel is an action RPG with cute pixel art and fast-paced combat, and there is a lot of grinding to be done throughout the course of your play time.

As you progress through the game, you will need a lot of ore to upgrade various things, and in this guide, we’ll go through one of the ways you can farm an abundance of it!

Best Way to Farm Ore Guide

First up, you will need to have access to the Halcyon Cemetery dungeon, which is a level 50 zone and home of the Skeleton King boss.

By killing enemies in this area, you have a decent chance of getting a lot of rare and unique ores.

Soul Knight halcyon cemetery

The main idea is to simply do as many repeat runs as you want until you are satisfied with what you have. And as a bonus for rinse-and-repeating the dungeon, you’ll also have a good chance of getting the Soul Calibre red weapon!

Although this dungeon is one of the best ways to quickly farm a lot of ore, it should be noted that it is still a matter of luck, so there may be periods when you fail to get anything after a run.

Bring a class and build that can deal a ton of area of effect damage in order to quickly clear out the dungeon, like the Assassin or Elementalist.

Soul Knight prequel combat

If you need legendary ore, such as the Volcanic Hephaestite, you will have to do other activities as they cannot be farmed with this method.

For that, your only choice is to progress through the Valkyrie activity or try your luck with opening Sapphire Chests, which have an 8% chance to drop legendary ore.

Soul Knight chests

That is all you need to know when it comes to farming a lot of ore in Soul Knight Prequel. It is a relatively simple method, if not a bit mundane due to how many repetitions you will likely have to go through.

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