Soul Knight Prequel: Things You Should Do Before Season 1 Starts

Make sure you are well-prepared for the next upcoming Season 1!

Soul Knight Prequel

The next season of Soul Knight Prequel is coming, and it will be live on January 22, 2024, at 4:00 (UTC+8). There will be a lot of new content added to the game, so it is best for you to always be prepared. Having the preparation means that you can easily have a headstart compared to other players. In this guide, we will show you a few things you should do before Season 1 starts.

Things You Should Do Before Season 1 Starts

Season 1 is expected to bring players lots of new content and gears to obtain. With so many things to play and experience, having preparation steps can be great for your future progress.

Playing The Right Class

In the image below, you’ll be able to see a list of classes. The class you play can really affect how fast you play through the content of the game.

If you are not using a fast character yet, it can be great for you to start picking up another second character that falls into the fast category of classes.

If you’re looking for more details for all classes in the game and their best builds for End Game, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that as well!

Fastest classes in Soul Knight Prequel

Equipment Enhancement

Next, make sure that you enhance all of your equipment to increase your power. In the image below, you can see the comparison of an enhanced armor and a level 0 armor.

If you do not have the resources, try to get the highest enhancement level that you can possibly get. Doing this can leverage your stats and prepare you for future content.

Do the same for your pet accessories. For weapons, wait for the new weapons to come out instead of upgrading your existing ones.

Soul Knight Prequel Gear

Daily Quests

Daily Quests can also be essential for your in-game progress. You can do three different quests each day to eventually receive the Key.

Keys can be extremely useful for obtaining Legendary weapons. This is why you should do your dailies and slowly gather all of the keys along with gems to help you upgrade items.

Soul Knight Prequel Dailies

Secondary Weapons can provide great buffs for your character, so try to get them as well! They can increase your stats like Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Strength, Bonus Crit Chance, and Dexterity.

Soul Knight Prequel Items

Collecting Gear

If you have spare gems, you can consider expanding your inventory and stocking them with items. Even though the items’ stats will be halved in the next season, you will still have some sort of headstart through the beginner content.

After you’ve got better gear, you can consider dismantling all of them for some extra currencies that can boost you out of the early game stage.

Soul Knight Prequel Gear

End-of-Season Rewards

Consider doing End-of-Season quests as well to receive the extra rewards. Based on how far you have progressed, you will receive the right number of materials.

Make sure that you try to boost your character’s rank so that you can maximize the amount of rewards you receive.

Soul Knight Prequel End of Season Rewards

Lastly, you’ll want to join Communities or find players who are around your level to play with you. Having a squad can really help you boost your progression speed and complete the in-game content quickly. Season 1 is near, and it is best to always be prepared!

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