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Intercept the communications at Fort Narith to get a leg up on the enemy.

The Hacker 2 mission in Gray Zone Warfare is a quick mission that you can solo. In this quest, you’re tasked with disabling the communications at Fort Narith. This mission is a quick way to get your reputation up with Handshake and get some experience in the early game. In this guide, I’ll explain how to do the Hacker II tasks to help you get in and out of the battlefield in no time.

How To Do The Hacker II Tasks

The tasks are simple: get the codebook, hack the radio towers in the base, and hack the satellite at Fort Narith HQ. The hacking positions will be relatively near each other, but I’ll talk about everything in more detail below.

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Fort Narith is extremely well-guarded so be prepared for a fight. You can find the main entrance here on the map (pictured below).

This is the map to Fort Narith HQ.

Retrieve The Codebook

Once you’re at the entrance, head to the second floor and take the first left into the corridor.

Take these stairs to the second floor.

Head to the very end of the corridor and enter the room. This will be the communication room where you can find the codebook right on the table as well as a Suture Kit. Useful!

This is where you'll find the codebook.

Hack The First Antenna 

Head to the roof of the building. This means you have to go back down the hallway and up the staircase. Once you get to the topmost floor, take the right hallway and head to the further most corner of the room. There will be stairs you can take all the way to the roof.

These are the stairs to the roof.

Take a sharp right and at the corner of the roof, you will find the antenna you have to hack. This is the east-most corner of the building. 

Hack this antenna.

Press F and this concludes the second part of this mission. 

Hack The Radio Towers

Now, what you need to do is go outside and head to the radio tower at the center of the base. Enter through the gate and press F near the panel.

This is the first radio tower you can hack.

For the last task of this mission, head to these coordinates: 145,126. There are two ways you can get here; one way is to shoot the NPCs from the roof of Fort Narith HQ, or by entering through Delta 1. What you choose to do has no effect on the game.

This is where you can find the second radiotower.

The second radio tower will be here. Do the same thing and press F when near the control panel. 

This control panel is what you can hack.

And that’s everything for how to do the Hacker II tasks! Apart from fighting the NPCs at Fort Narith, this mission is pretty straightforward so you shouldn’t have much trouble with it. If you want more help with other Gray Zone Warfare missions, check out our guides on how to complete the Wanted Man and Wanted Man II tasks!


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