Soul Knight Prequel: New Season 1 Boss Gears Revealed

What are some of the upcoming items with the new season of Soul Knight Prequel?

Soul Knight Prequel has a large upcoming update with a lot of new unconfirmed changes and additions. In this article, we’ll briefly be going through some of the speculated new bits of content that will be added in the game’s upcoming seasonal update.

New Season 1 Boss Gears Revealed

There have been a lot of Season 1 leaks showing the upcoming changes in the game, and this included new enemies, maps, and even various bosses.

With that in mind, that also means that there will be new gear pieces that will be dropping from all these future additions to the game.

Some players have speculated that these two gear sets pictured below will be dropped by one of the new bosses, though nothing has been confirmed by the developers so far.

Soul Knight Prequel gear sets shown

There is also a leaked image showcasing icons of new items, which are also presumably going to drop from the bosses in the upcoming update.

Their names are not known at the moment, but most of them appear to be new melee weapons, as well as at least one gun.

Soul Knight Prequel items datamined

Not much else has been revealed so far, though you should expect some official announcements soon, as the new season in Soul Knight Prequel is approaching fast!

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