Souldiers: Project 0.5 Side Quest Guide

How to hunt down Project 0.5?!

Souldiers is a fun little 2D adventure game that is rich and full of very fun little quests. The monster-seeking quests from the Bounty Posters are maybe one of the most interesting ones. In this guide, we will help you locate and take down a level 4 monster by the name of Project 0.5. Let’s get started.

Project 0.5 Side Quest Guide – Souldiers

First of all, if you want to start and finish this quest you will have to have finished the Sunken Laboratory Dungeon in the Main Story before.

Then, you can start the Project 0.5 Side Quest from inside Hafin City. From the center of it, you will have to go inside the blue tent with the Bounty Posters inside of it.

They will be located in the left of the tent. Here you can find the evil creature Project 0.5. He will give you and is a:

  • Level 4 Difficulty Monster
  • 4000 gold & Hunter’s Medal as a reward

He will be located in the Sunken Laboratory. You will have to make your way all the way down to the very bottom right corner of the map. There will be lots of enemies along the way you will have to take down to get there.

He will be roaming around this area, usually in the middle or under the two pillars on the left and right.

Be careful from his attacks. He is a level 4 monster so that means his HP will be big as well as the damage that he can do to you.

He has a couple of mid-close range attacks. You can easily dodge them by just hitting him from left and right and constantly keep moving your pushing by dashing around him. He will proceed to move through the entire highlighted area so you will have to go after him.

People are experiencing a couple of game crashes after you defeat him. At the moment there isn’t a known patch that fixes this, but we’re sure the developers are working on it. If it happens to you, make sure to just Restart the game as it might fix it. Good luck!

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