Stalcraft: Kaa’s Riddles Guide (Bandits)

Solve the 4 Riddles!

When playing with the Bandits and finding the Kaa’s Riddles in Stalcraft you will need to do certain types of things and activities to be able to completely finish them. In this guide, we shall be going over all the steps necessary so that you can complete this stage and level. Let’s get started.

Kaa’s Riddles Guide (Bandits) – Stalcraft

In total there will be 4 riddles that you will need to be passing in able to be completely finishing the Kaa’s Riddles. When you finish those 4, there will be 1 more extra final thing that you should be accomplishing.

1st Riddle

You are able to find 1 Backpack directly in this same location and area as shown here. It will be in the center of the map in a place called The Pit.

Once you get here, you shall need to be climbing to the 3rd floor of this place. You can get there by using the pillar in the middle.

2nd Riddle

You will go to the west side of the map in an area that is just on the left of the Agroprom map location. It will be inside the river and inside the little island.

You will need to get inside the house and here you shall find the Backpack. It will be left from the main door and on top of the chimney.

3rd Riddle

For the 3rd one, you shall need to go into the deep dark forest on the south and then locate a very small basement. It will be just inside this very same area that is shown in the picture above.

Once you get inside you will want to be going to the tunnel and on the left side, you shall find the backpack.

4th Riddle

The 4th one is inside this lake. You will need to go inside the lake and find the portal in the middle. Once you get in, it will teleport you to another location.

You will just enter this ladder hole and talk to Kaa. And you will be done! Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you need to do. Have fun finishing these riddles yourself!

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