WoW: Talon Toss Shooting 101 Guide

Just in time for the World Cup!

There are some quests in WoW that will make you baffled and shocked when it comes to completing them. One such quest is the Talon Toss Shooting 101. In this guide, we shall be explaining to you exactly how you can throw the ball inside the goal. Let’s get started.

Talon Toss Shooting 101 Guide – WoW

This is basically a very easy quest to finish. You will just need to go around flying throughout the whole area where you will pick up the quest. Then you will just need to pick up the yellow circles that are roaming about.

Once you start flying, just go near the goals. You will need to click on the button that says Throw or will be right in the center of your screen. You will need to press this button however when you are just far away from the circles.

When you do so, your character will now throw the ball directly inside the goal. Make sure that you are facing the circle as well.

When you finish throwing it, just fly around and pick up another yellow ball from either the ground or the sky. Do not land and you will be good and complete the quest.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you need to do in order to finish this quest. Have fun doing it yourself!

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