Starfield: Best XP / Credit Farm

Sleep your way to the top!

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Planet Location

When you try to progress through the main story in Starfield, you sometimes get the feeling that you either haven’t done enough side quests, or don’t have enough money to buy whatever it is you come across. And to get money, you need to do work for somebody, and that means progressing through the game, which is bad.

Today’s goal is to help you set up a simple yet effective EXP and Credit Farm for less than 950 credits. You can walk out of the tutorial segment of the game with more than 10,000 credits, making this venture an absolute spacewalk. It’s like cake but different! Read the rest of the guide and get stacked today!

Best XP / Credit Farm

If you’re still on Jemison, head over to the spaceport and go to Jemison Mercantile. Here’s a list of things you need to buy before getting started:

  • 14x Aluminum
  • 2x Beryllium
  • 10x Cobalt
  • 2x Fiber
  • 20x Iron
  • 15x Nickel
  • 16x Tungsten
  • 2x Zero Wire

With your grocery shopping done, what you need to do next, is head over to the Bessel System. You can find that north of Sol.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm System

Detailed Moneymaker and Experience Guide

Scan the planet Bessel III-b, keep rotating and find the landmass that slightly resembles half of Australia and zoom in.

Hover over this area and click on it until you see the biome change between Mountain, Hills, and Desert. Make your landing point once you see all of those biomes close to each other.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Planet Location

Upon landing, you should see a three-way split between the biomes we just mentioned earlier. You’ll want to head over to the base of the black mountain that’s between it all. Have your Outpost Beacon out as you go by to see the resources you can extract from where you’re standing.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when you’re hovering over somewhere that has Nickel, Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, and Water. Find all of that in one place and proceed to placing your outpost beacon.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Outpost Beacon

Now, open your scanner and go to your outpost builder. Press V to get an overhead view of your outpost, if you follow the rest of the steps on foot then you are an absolute loon.

Go to your extractors and choose the one for extracting Aluminum. Place it somewhere near the edge of your outpost and have two wind turbines sit next to it as well.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Builder Mode

All that hard work, and you haven’t even taken a break yet. Go to furniture and place a bed next. You’re only going to sleep for 1 hour though, so don’t get too excited.

You’re doing this to let the extractor you placed earlier do its magic. That and sleeping on this planet for one hour equates to almost 60 hours of universal time.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Builder Mode

This is the reason why you want to be on this planet because extractors extract materials according to universal time. If you sleep here for a day, then that will amount to 1387 earth hours. That’s two months of relativity and resources. I only watched Interstellar once.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Sleeping

By the time you wake up, your Aluminum extractor will be full. Now, go back into build mode and place three more wind turbines. This time, you’re going to make a Cobalt and Nickel Extractor. Send them both to the edge of your outpost and sleep for another hour to fill them up.

You should have an unlimited reserve of Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt right now. With all that in hand, you can build as many Wind Turbines as you would like. Simply put, power will no longer be an issue for the remainder of this guide.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Extractor

Place an Iron Extractor anywhere next and go back to sleep once more. Go back to crafting and place a workbench. This is where you’ll make use of all the Iron and Aluminum you’re currently farming, same goes for the Cobalt and Nickel.

While using the workbench, you can make things like Isocentered Magnets or Adaptive Frames. When you craft these items, you get experience, and you can craft these items in large amounts to get even more experience.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Items For Sale

We’ll focus on expanding your storage next to prevent any excess materials to go to waste. Open your builder again and go to storage, choose the Solid Storage.

Aside from Iron and Aluminum it now requires Adaptive Frames, something that you can easily make. As long as you have iron and aluminum, you basically have unlimited storage.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Extractor

Now, to make your storage even bigger, go to Modify Mode by pressing Tab and connect all of your extractors to your storage containers. We have a fuel generator guide that shows you how to make use of output links as well if you’re still new to building outposts.

As long as all of your storage units and extractors are linked, you can keep on crafting from your workbench without having to walk all over the place.

So, be sure to expand your storage and keep them linked if you plan on building more extractors! Take another one-hour nap before using the workbench again.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Storage unit

You can now focus on spam crafting the materials mentioned before to keep getting more experience without having to worry about running out of resources. This is why Bessel III-b is way better than the measly five hours of universal time you get by resting on Andraphon.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Workbench Crafting

Since you’re sleeping your way to insurmountable riches, you’ll also get the Well Rested bonus. This gives you a 10% bonus to the amount of experience you gain after each rest. You can only imagine how well that stacks up to all of the crafting you’re doing.

If you also have a companion that you’re romancing, sleeping with them grants you an additional 15% bonus to experience. Definitely a Bethesda classic remembered by everyone over the age of forty and above.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Sleeping Bonus

Now, onto the other important part, money. Before you take the materials anywhere, go ahead and plop down a Landing Pad with Shipbuilder.

Make sure your landing pad is close to your workbench. Why? Because you’re going to be heavily encumbered, which in turn will fill up your CO2 and kill you.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Landing Pad

But that won’t be a problem, since you’ll be getting inside your ship momentarily. Travel to the closest merchant you can find, like the one in Alpha Centauri and sell all of your Isocentered Magnets and Adaptive Frames.

Don’t sell everything at once if the merchant you’re extorting doesn’t have enough credits. Simply stand in a corner and wait for 48 local hours before reselling your goods. Once you’re empty, go back to your outpost and repeat the process again until you’ve had your fill.

Starfield Best XP Credit Farm Merchant

And that’s how you can make the Best Exp and Credit Farm in Starfield. With all that money coming in, you won’t have any more problems getting the Neon Penthouse.

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