Project Slayers: Clan Tier List | Update 1.5

Fight together or die alone!

Project Slayers Clan Tier List

Whatever story you’re unfortunate to be a part of, you’re always going to want to join in on the mess everyone else is creating in the world you’re moving around in. Just like the anime, in Project Slayers you too have clans with different messed up ideas you can be a part of!

With all the options you’ll have, making a decision might become too difficult to handle. That’s where the tier list comes in! Find out below which clan will give you the best bonuses that suits your playing style!

Clan Tier List Update 1.5

In order to not cause too much emotional damage to your mind and body, we’ll only be going as low as B Tier during the ranking process. We’ll only be going through the Mythicals and the Supreme Clans as well since that’s what almost everyone is focused on. Now with all the disclaimers out of the way, let’s get to ranking!

Project Slayers Clan Tier List
Source: Balboabtw on Youtube

Here are the clans you should be aiming for:

Project Slayers: Clan Tier List

S Tier

Uzui – Considered to be the most broken among the three for having Spatial Awareness and Rengoku’s immunity to Indomitable Will. It also turns Poison Damage into Healing that goes along with the highest base stats by far.

Kamado – Slightly stronger than Hashibara and has immunity to the Sun. It has two times the stamina regen for Demons and faster breathing regeneration for Slayers.

Hashibara – Known for having double jump and a good set of base stats. The movement bonus along with pain resistance, Indomitable Will and Spatial Awareness are really good to have in a fight.

A Tier

Project Slayers: Clan Tier List

Soyama – Way better than Rengoku, gives you a huge damage boost the less HP you have. If you’re playing as a Demon, the faster stamina regen will greatly benefit you. There’s a lot of other clans that are better but if you have this one already then stick with it.

Rengoku – As a Supreme Clan, Rengoku is considered by many to be the best in the game with the base stats and Heart Ablaze skill. But a lot more is to be desired when compared to the other clans like Soyama.

B Tier

Muichiro – The base stats apply a decent amount of Sword Damage. But because of the skill it stays on B. If you have no spins left you’re better off with this clan for a while.

That sums it up! If you find tier lists fun but didn’t get the result you wanted with this one, check out or Breathing Style tier list instead! Big thanks to Balboabtw for going over the details on this tier list. If you want more info, you can always go to their channel for more Project Slayers content: Balboabtw – YouTube.

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