Summoners War Chronicles: Cleaf Complete Guide

Cleaf? More like Cleave, because that weapon can cleave someone in half.

If you are in the mood to smash someone in half, then Cleaf is your man in Summoners War Chronicles. Cleaf is a Summoner that classifies as a tank. He is primarily the choice for PvP gameplay, as his stats focuses more on the defensive side. But is that all Cleaf is truly capable of? What if he can do more? In this guide, we will show you how to work Cleaf and create the ideal version of him that you want.

Cleaf Complete Guide – Summoners War Chronicles

Build Your Cleaf

Cleaf may be favored for PvP, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be good anywhere else. All that requires is proper building and avoiding things that will make him weak. Bear in mind that Cleaf is a tank, but you can build your Cleaf to be more agile or have more DPS if you want, it all depends on what element you go with.

Dark, Earth, and Fire are the best elements that go with Cleaf’s abilities. But like I said, you can build Cleaf to work with whatever element you want. Now, in terms of skills, you will need to have the following unlocked as soon as you can. These are your priority, as they help make you become stronger:


  • Consecutive Evasion (Max Level)
  • Master of Evasion (Max Level)
  • Mental Discipline (Max Level)
  • Concentration (Max Level)


  • Protection Shield (Level 7)
  • Iron Shield (Level 2)
  • Magic Shield (Level 2)
  • Thorn Shield (Level 2)
  • Enhance Shield (Level 2)
  • Blessing Keeper (Level 2)
  • Tenacity Keeper (Level 2)
  • Confrontation (Level 2)
  • Blessing of Battlefield (Level 2)

Attack Skills

Bear in mind that these skill names will vary depending on what element you choose, so in order to make this easier to understand, we have decided to just call them Second Attack Skill, Third Attack Skill and so on:

  • Basic Attack (Level 3)
  • Second Attack Skill (Level 3)
  • Third Attack Skill (Level 5)
  • Fourth (Max Level)
  • Fifth Attack Skill (Put in as much as you can)

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