Sun Haven: Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs

All The Single Ladies!

Sun Haven is the ideal game for you if you are looking for a soothing fantasy farming game that requires you to follow a set of quests and manage your farm. Adding romanceable cute characters into the picture only makes it better! The game consists of seven romanceable female NPCs and every one of them has their own unique stories, dialogues, and gift preferences. Giving characters daily gifts plays an important role in improving your relationship with them. We will go through the best gifting options for all female dating candidates in this guide so that you can easily offer them gifts and build your relationship with them without worrying about upsetting them!

Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs

Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs Sun Haven

Everyone loves receiving thoughtful gifts from people they love, and it is no different in Sun Haven too. Offering bachelorettes gifts is a great way to develop a good relationship with them and unlock special dialogue scenes. As you improve your relationship with your chosen female dating candidate, you will unlock dates with them and eventually, you will get the option of getting married. But, as much as the characters like receiving gifts according to their preferences, they also hate getting their disliked gifts. Depending on what you give them, they may either feel:

  • Love: Fills one whole heart of friendship.
  • Like: Fills half a heart for some presents that are liked by everyone or three-quarters of a heart for friendship.
  • Neutral: Fills one-quarter of the friendship heart.
  • Dislike: Does not increase or decrease friendship.

Giving disliked gifts to the characters is not going to decrease your current relationship with them, but it will ruin your chances to give them a loved gift for the day. Therefore, it might be wise to take their preferences seriously and act accordingly.


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Anne: Diamond

Anne is the smart and successful owner of Sun Haven’s Traveling Exotics Shop. This compulsive workaholic’s life revolves around purchasing and selling. She is a self-assured, passionate woman with a talent for money and an unmerciful attitude toward her pursuit of it – money is life, and life is good for Anne. Profit is her goal.

DiamondRubyAll Universal NeutralsCoal
Small Money BagSapphireStone
CheesecakeGold ore & barAll Universal Dislikes


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Catherine: Carrot

Catherine is the Amari witch that lives in Sun Haven. She is the owner of the Farming Store which sells uncommon seeds, fertilizer, and agricultural gear. She also prepares a variety of potions and prescriptions for the village, consequently serving as the town’s pharmacist. She is vocal about her beliefs. She considers herself to be the rock that holds society functioning, even if her opinions differ from those of others. She is a Sun Haven native who is friendly and caring about the town.

CarrotSmall Mana TomeAll Universal NeutralsMeat
Blueberry SaladShimmerootFish
PumpkinRed Veggies SoupAll Universal Dislikes
Wattering Cans


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Iris: Prickly Pear

Iris is an Elven enchanter in Nel’Vari. Nature is fundamental to her art, and she is constantly exploring and learning about how nature and magic interact. She is proudly independent and appreciates analyzing possibilities and making her own decisions.

Small Mana TomeRubyAll Universal NeutralsHeart Shirt
Prickly PearSapphireAvocado Shirt
Spicy NoodlesAmethystDorky Fish Shirt
All Universal Dislikes


Kitty Sun Haven

Best Gift for Kitty: Fish & Crab

Kitty is a cheerful Amari villager that lives east of the Bakery. She owns both Sun Haven’s Pet Store and the Animal Store, though she granted management of each to Emmett and Nim. She also has her own farm animal pen just outside her door. She is active, playful, and excitable, yet she is also easily distracted. She frequently refers to herself in the third person when speaking and has a habit of meowing throughout conversations.

CrabAnimal FoodAll Universal NeutralsAll Ores
EelFish TempuraDorado Fish
Angel FishCinnamon Apple PiePet Leash
Spring RollAll Universal Dislikes


Lucia Sun Haven

Best Gift for Kitty: Small & Large Mana Tomes

Lucia is Sun Haven’s figurehead and guiding light. As the de facto head of Sun Haven, this fiery Arch-mage was bestowed with power by the Sun Dragon at a young age. She is a confident, capable leader who is seen as charming and good-natured by the people of the town. She is a natural leader who wants nothing more than to see Sun Haven and its citizens succeed.

Small & Large Mana TomesPepperAll Universal NeutralsWater Crystal
Fire CrystalGreenrootEarth Crystal
Buttery BeerEnergy SmoothieBlizzard Berry
Sunite OreSpicy RamenAll Universal Dislikes


Lynn Sun Haven

Best Gift for Lynn: Sunite Bar

Lynn is a young blacksmith learning the intricacies of her craft. She is still beginning to believe in herself and her smithing abilities. She has a nervous demeanor most of the time. She is constantly concerned about her self-esteem, her ability to smith, and the state of her family’s traditions. She is passionately committed to preserving the culture in which she was raised and is concerned about having left her hometown.

Sunite BarAdamant BarAll Universal NeutralsAll Fertilizers
Mithril BarIron BarSugar Cake
Creamy Beef StewCopper BarChocolate Cake
Sunite OreApple JuiceAll Universal Dislikes


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Female NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Xyla: Snappy Plant

Xyla is a member of the Demon King’s royal council and the Demon architect of Withergate, having created the city from the ground up. After Darius discovered her dwelling in a cave in the wilderness, the Demon King took her in. Xyla is a straightforward, truthful person and wants to be the center of attention. Residents of Withergate admire, dread, and desire her all at the same time. Her wit is supplemented by witty, almost confrontational banter.

Snappy PlantPlushiesAll Universal NeutralsGold Bar
Heavy CrossbowRed Velvet CupcakeSapphire
WithercakeCopper BarRuby
Sunite OreApple JuiceAll Universal Dislikes

That’s all you need to know about the best gifts for each romanceable female NPC in Sun Haven. We hope you found our advice useful; if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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