Sun Haven: Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs

Oh to be in love in Sun Haven!

The up-and-coming multiplayer fantasy farming sim Sun Haven is the perfect choice if you want to sit back and enjoy a nice relaxing game after a long day. The game is mainly centered around managing your farm, building the space of your dreams, and following a story. But let’s all be honest, having romanceable characters in the games really spices up the whole experience! And thankfully, Sun Haven offered this opportunity to its players. The game has 8 male dating candidates that you can be with. Each one of them has their unique characters and likings. To raise a character’s friendship level quickly, you will need to interact with them every day and gift them some items.

So today, we are going to talk about what are the best gifts for all romanceable male NPCs in Sun Haven!

Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs

Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Developing relationships is not easy either in real life or in Sun Haven. Therefore, you are going to need to put an effort into slowly making your way to your chosen bachelor’s heart. However; you will need to be careful as you do that because each romance-able bachelor has specific tastes for gifts in the game. Depending on what you give them, they may either feel:

  • Love: Fills one whole heart of friendship.
  • Like: Fills half a heart for some presents that are liked by everyone or three-quarters of a heart for friendship.
  • Neutral: Fills one-quarter of the friendship heart.
  • Dislike: Does not increase or decrease friendship.

Giving a romantic candidate a gift they dislike is not going to decrease your relationship with him. However, you are going to lose your chance of giving them a gift for that day. So, it would be better to be careful about what you gift them.


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Claude: Tomato Soup

Claude is Sun Haven’s introverted genius. He came to town to get away from the Great City and concentrate on his profession. This character is a perfectionist who might be very sensitive when it comes to his work. He is a good man who enjoys being alone. So when you first meet him, you might find him to be a little reserved.

Red Veggie SoupSpaghettiAll Universal NeutralsSpicy Ramen
Tomato SoupTomatoAll Universal Dislikes
RecordRecord Player
Cinnamon Apple Pia


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Darius: Swords

Darius, the Demon Prince of Withergate, is a popular candidate with an upbeat and confident personality. He enjoys challenging others to analyze their value. He likes to be in command and is exceptionally cautious of his companions. Therefore, he is not easy to get along with at the beginning and it takes some time for him to open up to you. Thus, you can try to improve your relationship by treating him with respect and, of course, giving him the gifts he loves.

Bone GiftDiamondAll Universal NeutralsAll Universal Dislikes
SwordsSpicy Ramen


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Donovan: Bone Gift

Donovan is a good-natured Wolf Amari who enjoys being at the center of attention. Regardless, he is a warm and welcoming guy; he instantly comes to support the main character when they arrive in Withergate.

Bone GiftEgg HashAll Universal NeutralsAnimal Food
Meat PizzaFire Crystal
BLTWooden Torch
CheeseburgerAll Universal Dislikes


Jun Sun Haven

Best Gift for Jun: Sesame Rice Balls

Jun is Sun Haven’s town counselor, he also serves as a teacher for school-age children and teaches them in the Library. He is a loving and sincere individual who follows his path through his natural empathy. Additionally, he enjoys assisting others and even volunteers in his spare time around town.

Spring RollSpaghettiAll Universal NeutralsAll Swords
Sesame Rice Balls Sand DolarAll Universal Dislikes
Chicken Noodle Soup


Liam Sun Haven

Best Gift for Liam: Chef Hat

Liam is Sun Haven’s quiet yet charming baker. He enjoys people but rarely initiates conversations. When first met, he appears shy and doubtful, but as the relationship develops, he gradually gains confidence.

Chef HatCookieAll Universal NeutralsGreen Spice
Coffee WheatSpicy Ramen
All Universal Dislikes


Nathaniel Sun Haven

Best Gift for Nathaniel: Swords

Nathaniel is the Captain of the Guard of Sun Haven, working to maintain order and helping whenever he can. Despite his rough look, he can be a bit of an airhead, making him an ideal target for neighborhood kids’ pranks.

SwordsHelmetsAll Universal NeutralsAll Crossbows
Pot Pie MilkAll Universal Dislikes
Mashed PotatoesVeggie Kebab


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Vaan: Red Veggie Soup

Vaan is an Elven air mage with his own set of morals. Therefore, he feeds his wild side by hanging out in the blowing air above the trees, allowing emotions to motivate him. Still, he is mysterious and quirky, and he believes he does not truly fit in any community.

Red Veggie SoupCapesAll Universal NeutralsSwords
Water Crystal HoneyAll Universal Dislikes


Best Gifts for ALL Romanceable Male NPCs Sun Haven

Best Gift for Wornhardt: Fish

Dr. Wornhardt is the sole doctor in town. He is also attentive and committed to his job. Wornhardt may appear distant and inattentive at times, but he emphasizes that this is due to his commitment to his profession. He also values the ability to take breaks when he can, preferring monotony to constant work.

Caribbean Green SoupCrabAll Universal NeutralsMashed Potatoes
Blueberry Salad DoradoPizza
Honeyglazed AppleCinnamon Apple PieSwords
Stuffed Casserole

That is all you need to know about the best gift options for each romanceable male NPC in Sun Haven. Just do not forget to check the preferences of each character before you are trying to gift them as offering disliked gifts might ruin your chance to improve the relationship between you and your candidate for the day. We hope that you enjoyed our Sun Haven: Best Gifts for All Romanceable Male NPCs guide, if you have any questions, let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section.

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