Sun Haven: Where To Get Blue & Red Rose

Now those are some cute flowers!

Farm life simulator games can be quite comfy and relaxing to play and a lot of people love this genre. There’s no world ending threat, or the risk of losing, or any problems with PVP, unless you’re in a co-op game with a friend that likes the same NPC then it can be PVP in real life. There’s a reason why games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley blew up, the genre has its fans. Sun Haven is a Farm Life simulator game that has more of an RPG and fantasy element to it, with different races, combat and magic. In this guide we’ll show you where to find Blue and Red Roses in the game!

Where To Get Blue & Red Rose In Sun Haven

If you want to make a flower garden or harvest flowers in Sun Haven, Blue and Red Roses are the earliest and easiest flowers you can get in the game. There’s a lot of other flowers but these are great beginner ones to try out. One of the skills you can actually get in Farming is called “Flower Farm” which gives you a number of Blue Rose Seeds every Friday from the Farming Store.

It comes from the Farming Store because it’s where you can actually buy Red and Blue Rose Seeds in. Red and Blue Roses grow at any season you can buy it at anytime. They also take a short while to grow, only 4 days!

Congratulations you now know where to get Red and Blue Roses in Sun Haven, now go out there and try to get it yourself! They’re quick and easy to farm and can make for great gifts as well!

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