Sunflower Farmers: Crafting Guide

Guide for sharpening your crafting skills on Sunflower Farmers.

Crafting is a very important feature on Sunflower Farmers that has been recently added to the game. It can really affect your progress, speed up your harvesting, and in the end earn more money.

Crafting on Sunflower Farmers is a process where players use their tokens in exchange for equipment items, and limited edition NFTs.

So, if you want to sharpen your crafting skills, let’s dig deeper into the subject and find out more about how to craft on sunflower farmers.

Crafting Guide – Sunflower Farmers

The crafting system on Sunflower Farmers focuses on 3 main items, such as:

  • Resources – These are raw materials usually used in the crafting process.
  • Tools – In-game items that are used to gather resources.
  • NFTs – Unique and rare items and cosmetics that are used for decorations or improving your farm.

In order to craft an item, you need a combination of Sunflower tokens that are received in the process of harvesting and resources. After you acquired the needed resources for the desired item you want to craft, you can go to the Blacksmith and begin crafting.

Once you’ve collected all the resources needed for the crafting process, you should select the item you want to craft and click ‘Craft’. This process will engage a transaction to the Blockchain which will burn the required Sunflower Tokens and other resources in exchange for the tool or NFT you receive.

The crafting process on Sunflower Farmers will have a minimal gas fee of around 0.003 MATIC or around $0.0072.

Crafting Tools

Tools are the first choice when it comes to crafting and there is a good reason for that. Tools are used for gathering resources in the game. There are different tools for specific actions in the game. For example, Axe is used for chopping trees, a wood pickaxe for mining stone, a stone pickaxe for mining ore, and an iron pickaxe for mining gold.

The number of resources required for crafting the tool is in direct coloration with its capabilities. In other words, if you want a tool that can bring you more valuable resources, you need more resources to craft it.

Another unique and interesting thing about the Sunflower Farmers crafting system is the durability of the tools. The in-game tools are basically ERC20 tokens (a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain with defined rules), which means that each tool has its own durability. Once you’ve reached the maximum number of uses, the tool will be ‘burnt’.

  Axe1 $SFF Token
  Wood Pickaxe2 $SFF Tokens, 5 wood
  Stone Pickaxe2 $SFF Tokens, 5 wood, 5 stone
  Iron Pickaxe10 $SFF Tokens, 10 wood, 10 iron

The developers also decided to expand the selection of tools in Sunflower Farmers and we will see new additions to the crafting system very soon. The new tools will feature Hammer, Fishing Rod, and Sword.

Crafting NFTs

Apart from being decorations and farm advancements, NFTs also create another way you can earn crypto by playing Sunflower Farmers. Most NFTs in the game are ERC721 contracts and some ERC20 tokens with limited supply.

Once you get an NFT it is owned by you. You can later swap, sell or list items on other marketplaces like OpenSea or Quickswap and possibly earn some money.

NFTs also open the opportunity for farmers to earn unique rewards and resources that can later be sold individually.

Sunflower Statue

This is a decorative item and a symbol of the holy token. This NFT has a limited supply of 1000 and will cost you 50 stone, 50 $SFF, and 50 iron.


This NFT is used for keeping the crows away and has a limited supply of 5000. You’ll need 10 $SFF tokens and 50 wood in order to craft it.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas season might be coming to an end, but you can still get your hands on a special NFT with a limited supply of 50. This NFT will enable you to get rare gifts from Santa in a form of Christmas Airdrops. It will cost you 500 wood and 300 $SFF tokens, making it very expensive.

Chicken Coop

This NFT will give you the ability to produce chickens and eggs which later can be sold or exchanged for other in-game items. It has a limited supply of 3000 and will cost you 200 $SFF, 300 Wood, and 25 Gold. Yep, quite expensive.

OG Potato Statue

Who doesn’t love potatoes? If you are growing potatoes and want to flex on your fellow farmers, you should buy this decorative NFT with a limited supply of 10,000. It only costs 5 stones to make.

Golden Egg

This is one of the rarest and most expensive items on Sunflower Farmers that currently trades for around 2 ETH or around $7,500 on OpenSea. The Golden Egg in Sunflower Farmers will cost you 50 Gold, and 150 eggs to craft, so make sure you get your Chicken Coop and start producing some eggs.

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