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Sunny Loach Location In Genshin Impact

Capture the Sunny Loach in Inazuma!

The Sunny Loach is one of the capturable animals in the new Genshin Impact Event. You can use the Omni-Ubiquity Net to get the Sunny Loach in your inventory. This guide will show you where you can get the Sunny Loach in Inazuma.

Sunny Loach — Genshin Impact

The best place to catch the Sunny Loach is in the Inazuma region. Go to the Bourou Village in the Watatsumi Island. Use the nearest teleport waypoint in the village. Glide down the cliff towards the ocean.

You will see a series of wooden crates and a broken wooden boat. When you see the wooden boat, turn right and you will go inside a small cavern. At the end of the cavern, you will find a Sunny Loach near the stone wall.

You can also find them running around near the table that has a red tablecloth. If you catch the Sunny Loach you will get a Loach Pearl material. If this is your first time catching a Sunny Loach, you will unlock the Sunny Loach in your Living Being Archive.

To go to your Archive, click on the menu and press the Archive button. Click on Living Beings and scroll down to the Other options to see the Sunny Loach.

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