The Quarry: Does It Have Co-Op & Multiplayer?

Will you be able to enjoy this horror game with other people?

The youngsters’ party preparations collapse into an unexpected night of terror as they are pursued by blood-soaked locals and something considerably more terrible. Friendly banter and flirtations give way to life-or-death decisions as relationships are built or destroyed by unthinkable choices. But can you do it online with other people?

Does It Have Co-Op & Multiplayer – The Quarry

It has been confirmed that The Quarry will be supporting Local Co-Op and will be implemented. There are several characters that can be played in the game, and with the Co-Op option it means that sitting next to each other, you’ll be able to control a couple of them in the same time while proceeding with the story.

Every decision has its impact on the story and the Co-Op will make it even more enjoyable. You can make it an online experience too with up to 7 players.

Put your trust in up to 7 friends in online play, where invited players may observe and vote on important decisions, resulting in a tale formed by the entire group! Or, in a party horror couch co-op experience, each player selects a counselor and directs their activities and actions. Have fun!

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