Sword Burst 3: Complete Scythe Guide

Have a look at our comprehensive Scythe Guide on Sword Burst 3!

The Scythe in Sword Burst 3.

Hey, you — yeah, you — are you looking for one of the best Roblox MMOs out there? Tired of all the kiddy stuff? Well then, it’s time for you to have a look at Sword Burst 3, a surprisingly feature-complete Roblox game where you challenge bosses, collect rare loot, use badass weapons, and slice your way to victory. In fact, I’ve got the Complete Scythe Guide right here for anyone looking to be a Scythe Main in the game.

Complete Scythe Guide

The reason why anyone would be interested in using this weapon in Sword Burst 3 is simple: it’s a Scythe. Who doesn’t like wielding a Scythe and feeling like you’ve got the entire world groveling under your feet?

What’s the Requirement Level to use the Scythe?

While I know you’re excited to get your hands on this weapon of destruction, hold up. The first thing you have to do is to grind up to Unit Level 43. It might seem like a lot, but it won’t take you too long to get the job done. Honestly, it’s fun using other weapons to grind, so it’s not that big a deal.

Once you reach the necessary level, you can purchase your first Scythe at the First shop you see in Floor 3. You’ll see here that it’s the Steel Scythe.

So, don’t go getting too excited and buying this thing while you’re still under the required level. Get those levels — you’ll be there before you know it. For more details, you can check our complete beginner’s guide for Sword Burst 3!

Buying a Scythe is great and all, but aren’t there Free Scythes I can find in the wild?

Yup, you sure can. In fact, the first free Scythe you can get your hands on is ridiculously easy to find. As soon as you get to Floor 3, just turn right and head to what looks like a ruined structure.

Ruined Structure in Sword Burst 3.


Inside this structure is a chest, and inside that chest is your free Scythe, called the Harvester. Cool, huh? It’s a pretty powerful item, though it’s a Level 48 weapon. If you’re not quite there yet, it’s at least something to look forward to.

The Harvester in Sword Burst 3.

Ghost Scythe

The second Scythe is even better, but you’ll need to do a bit of hiking to get there. First and foremost, make your way to the Snowy Kitsune Area. This is the camp where you encounter the Snow Foxes.

Snowy Kitsune Area in Sword Burst 3.

The next thing you’ll want to do is make a left turn, and head toward what looks to be an icicle jutting out of a rock face.

The Icicle in Sword Burst 3.

Once you’ve jumped onto the icicle and over the little cliff, you’ll see what looks to be bonesin the horizon. You’ll want to head there, but if you’re having a hard time visualizing what I’m talking about, my trusty red string will help you get where you need to be.

Getting to the Bones in Sword Burst 3.

Right where the bones are is a chest, which holds the Epic Scythe, the Ghost Scythe. At first, this was a Level 60 weapon, but now it’s down to 51. It’s not so bad, since you can use this weapon a little earlier, even if some players could argue that the weapon was nerfed because the level was lowered. Whatever the case, it’s an amazing looking Scythe.

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What about the skills I can use with my Scythe?

All right, now that I’ve taught you guys how to find some of the best Scythes in the game, it’s time to start talking about the skills you can use! Let’s compile it into a little list, shall we?

Level 1

  • HP Regen – This one is pretty straightforward, as it’s a skill that helps you regenerate HP, which is what you need to use your skills. As far as Priority Skills go, this is a must-have for survival’s sake.
  • Whirlwind – A decently strong skill that costs 35 SP, you spin in a circle and you deal 3 hits at 160% damage each. It can be a good part of your combo if you like Whirlwind, but it can be replaced by other skills.

Level 5

  • Sprint/Dash – This is yet another straightforward skill, as it allows you to move quicker. It’s a pretty obvious skill so I won’t go into too much detail.

Level 10

  • Flurry – This should definitely be a part of your Priority Skills list. The Flurry is a skill where you perform 4 rapid slashes in a row, dealing 170% damage each shot. It’s excellent because the SP cost is decent at 30. It goes extremely well with other skills.

Level 15

  • Wide Slash – The Wide Slash is a skill where you create an energy wave with your Scythe, dealing 340% damage to each target it hits. The Wide Slash is also what I would consider a Priority Skill, as the SP cost is 30, and it does decent damage to multiple enemies.
  • Tornado Rush – Your character will rush forward while spinning, dealing 50% damage each hit. While it’s a skill that looks cool, it’s something you probably shouldn’t use. It’s not a very effective skill in general. Still, if you want to try it out, feel free — but I recommend keeping it at level 1. Oh right, the SP cost is 50.

Level 40

  • Scythe Throw – Probably one of the weapon’s very best skills, and interestingly enough, it’s the Scythe’s only weapon-specific skill. The rest of the skills can be used by other weapons, but the Scythe Throw is a skill specific to the Scythe. It deals 70% damage each hit while it flies, which might not sound like much, but it can hit one enemy many times. The 35 SP cost is great, too. A Priority Skill for sure.

Level 60

  • Frost Blades – Now, this skill is particularly powerful, as it delivers icy swords that deal 70% damage while traveling, and 130% damage when they shatter. While it’s a pretty OP skill, you have to consider that the SP cost is 40. This might not jive well with your other skills if you intend to combo.
The Scythe Throw in Sword Burst 3
This is undoubtedly one of the best skills in the game.

My 100% patented Skill Combo

As far as my personal Priority Skill list is concerned, all you have to do is follow this easy flow chart:

(From Range) Scythe Throw > Wide Slash > (Move Closer) Flurry > Regular Attacks (Waiting for Cooldown) > REPEAT

Keep in mind that in order for this to combo to work effectively (especially if you want to change a skilled with Frost Blades), SP Regen is a must.

Wait, my SP doesn’t recharge fast enough for me to keep this combo up! What do I do?

Simple — you work toward Weapon Enchantments with SP Regen in mind. While there are many different Upgrades you can have for your weapon, a Scythe Main would do well to focus on SP Regen Enchantments. That way, you can keep up the combo flow chart above without having to worry too much about running out of SP.

SP Regen Enchantments in Sword Burst 3
Nice, huh? While this isn’t a free Scythe, you’ll get there!

Are you worried that you might miss out on damage if you upgrade for SP Regen? While I understand your concern, overall DPS is so much better if you have SP Regen Enchantments. It allows you to use your skills right away, which means far less time waiting for your SP to go back up.

That’s pretty much all you need to know if you’re going to be a Scythe Main! Best of luck! Oh, and have fun looking great while you slice up Mobs and Bosses.

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