Vampire Survivors: Find & Open The Coffin In The Dairy Plant

How to find this Coffin and unlock a new playable character.

Finding this Coffin can be very difficult. You will have to deal with a lot of enemies, and then in the end when you find it, you will have to deal with more. This is a way how to deal with them easily and just find and open the Coffin. Let’s get started.

Find & Open The Coffin In The Dairy Plant – Vampire Survivors

First of all, you will spot a large green arrow somewhere at the edge of your screen. This arrow points at a mechanic item that was recently added. This is a permanent item that you won’t be required to spend coins on. You will spot it in every run.

This is the Milky Way Map item that you can get if you run straight to it for around 4 minutes. This is different if you’re playing with a slow character like Exdash Exiviiq. This helps tremendously when opening the coffin. This map is great for tracking random items and collectibles.

Now finding the coffin will be way easier. Don’t just rush towards where it is showing, make sure you level up and get some Evolutions along the way because you will be met with tough enemies. You can die just because of rushing.

Once you finally get near the coffin, a ring of enemies will spawn that will proceed to move outward, then inward, and back from the coffin. You must kill each of these newly spawned enemies for the coffin to open. These enemies should be fairly simple to deal with.

Make sure that these enemies don’t end up mixing with other enemies that are chasing you. This way you’ll have a hard time tracking them down.

Now walk into the Coffin and you’ll trigger a cutscene. This cutscene will reveal a new character – Poppea Pecorina. You will have Poppea as a character to play with, but first, you will have to unlock her by paying 2500 coins.

I hope this helped out a bit. Good luck!

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