The Quarry: How Long Is It? | Gameplay Length

Will your actions affect how long the game will be?

The Quarry is set on the last evening of a summer camp, and Hackett’s Quarry’s adolescent counselors host a party to celebrate. There are no children, adults, or regulations to follow. As you can expect, things don’t stay ideal for long. Soon, the gang will be pursued by bloodthirsty locals as well as something considerably more frightening. You’ll be confronted with making unpopular decisions in order to keep the gang alive till sunrise. How long can you keep them alive though?

How Long Is It | Gameplay Length – The Quarry

This is a strong story-driven game that every single choice, and although some may seem not important, can lead to your character’s death.

So really when it comes to the Gameplay length it will vary and depend on your actions. Even the developers have said that you might experience a very early death if you make the wrong choices even at the beginning of the game.

The more characters you can keep alive, the longer the game will be. In total if we do have to summarize it, it will be from 7-10 hours long.

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