The House TD: Freakshow Guide & Showcase

A great tower that throws skulls at enemies and provide buffs!!

The House TD: Freakshow Guide & Showcase

The House TD is a Roblox Tower Defense game where you collect different towers to complete Defense missions. Many Towers in the game have different effects and abilities, and this helps add more diversity to the usual tower defense gameplay.

The Freakshow Tower is one of the newer Hero Towers recently added in The House TD. Since he is a new character, you’ll want to know what this Tower can do and how you can start using it along with many other towers. This article will provide you with a short guide and showcase of Freakshow.

Freakshow Guide & Showcase

To get Freakshow, you’ll want to do the Garden Endless Mode. Upon reaching wave 150+, you will receive the Freakshow tower. The game will give you a box that you can open to unlock the tower.

The map is considered to be easier than other maps since it allows tower placements that let you damage multiple enemies.

The House TD: Freakshow Guide & Showcase Endless Mode

Freakshow Stats

In the image down below, you will be able to view the Damage, Speed, Range, and Boost of Freakshow. The unit costs you $2,750 to place down. This price allows you to place Freakshow early on certain maps.

Upon reaching the maximum level with the unit, you can deal around 3500 damage per second. Your attack speed will also be 3 hits per second. This increases your damage per second to up to 10,500.

Freakshow also provides a buff that increases damage of Paranormal towers by 10%. This means that you can start creating some Paranormal teams and test the damage.

The House TD Freakshow Stats

Best Curse, Upgrade & Teams

The Best Curse to use is Greed. You can also use Infernal or Oblivion as alternatives. When it comes to Tower Upgrades, having 2 Speed & 2 Damage is best for damage. If you want to build a paranormal team with Freakshow, have 4 upgrades in Boost.

The House TD Freakshow Gameplay

For Freakshow’s best teams, you’ll ideally want to have Paranormal towers on your teams to utilize the 10% Boost. Here’s a list of all recommended Paranormal towers you can use:

  • Freakshow
  • Paranormal Towers: King Bones, Nightfang, King Revenant, and Shadow Fiend.

Overall, Freakshow is a great early-game tower that you can place down early on. Since the tower has a relatively cheap price, you can place it down early to defend weaker waves of enemies. Other than that, the tower can provide great boosts, which can be enhanced with more upgrades.

Other than Freakshow, you can also try using other towers in the game. To help you make better decisions at choosing what towers to use, consider taking a look at the Season 1 Tower Tier List.

There’s also a free tower you can obtain with a code, which is the Melon Masher Tower. This tower has an AoE attack that is great for attacking groups of enemies!


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