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Smash your enemies with this new tower!

The House Tower Defense is a game that is currently in beta but already has a decent amount of content, including a wide variety of towers and various levels with increasing difficulty. If you’re new to the game, this article will cover just a few tips that you can take advantage of at the start, as well as how to get a free tower right off the bat.

Melon Masher Showcase & Farming Guide

How To Get Melon Masher

First of all, in order to actually get the Melon Masher, you have to click on the Codes button on the lower left corner of the screen and type in “Goatmelon.”

Doing this will get you a free Melon Masher urn, which has a 100% chance of giving you the titular tower. This is a great starting tower in addition to whichever towers you already have at the beginning.

Melon Masher urn

It has a base damage of 40 that can go as high as 200, and it has a very short range and slow attack speed.

Despite its disadvantages, it makes up for it by having area of effect damage that makes it great for clearing clumped up enemies.

It is recommended that you place them in corners to take full advantage of their short range and area of effect smashes. They can also deal decent damage to bosses, though they aren’t really built for that purpose.

Melon Masher

Beginners Farming Guide

For those who are new to the game, you’re probably wondering how you can farm up more soul gems in order to purchase urns and summon new towers.

The best and most efficient way to do this is by building up your streak in the very first level, which is Room 1 of the floor “Nasty Noob”. This happens to be the only level in the first floor, so it will be incredibly hard to miss.

Room 1 Level 1

Once you have successfully finished the level five times, you will have a 2x win streak multiplier that essentially doubles all of the usual rewards for completing any level.

With this win streak bonus, you can keep doing this first level to get yourself a whopping 51 soul gems and hallow gems, which you can use to get new towers.

You will also have a chance to receive mystery urns, as well as skulls, which can be used to curse towers. Putting a curse on towers will give them bonus stats, making them stronger, faster, or both!

Rewards screen

Basically, if you want to farm up both soul and hallow gems, you will have to keep repeating the first level over and over again until you’re satisfied with the amount you have.

It may sound a bit boring and mundane, but it is the quickest way to grind up urns and add new towers to your collection.

Once you have a streak going, you can also attempt the endless mode at the Garden. With a decent win streak, you will be able to gain a massive amount of soul gems and other rewards for reaching Wave 100.

The Garden

With that said, though, you will need some pretty good towers to reach that point. As a beginner, simply spamming the first level may still be the best option.

And those are pretty much all the tips we have for you. Now get out there and start grinding up your collection in The House TD!

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