The Innkeeper’s Husband Quest Guide in No Rest For The Wicked

A guide to full-clear the quest.

The Innkeeper's Husband Quest Guide in No Rest For The Wicked

“The Innkeeper’s Husband” is a short quest in No Rest for the Wicked where a woman will ask for your help to find her missing husband. The quest seems straightforward, but it takes detouring and requires preparation to reach the location safely. We’ll show you how to start and finish this quest, including where to go to find the husband and how to bring him back!

The Innkeeper’s Husband Quest Guide

The Innkeeper’s Husband quest is initiated when you talk to the innkeeper in front of the bridge. Caroline the innkeeper will tell you that her husband has been missing since he went down the Shallows and never returned. She’ll ask for your help to find him.

The Innkeeper's Husband location.

An easy way to describe his location is that he’s two Whispers away from the innkeeper. If you go back out through the bridge, you’ll soon encounter the first Whisper. Keep going until you see another one. The husband is right on top of the second Whisper.

Be careful: Orban Glades and Shallows have a lot of enemies that you have to deal with on your way there. The journey isn’t far, but the fights get dangerous.

Once you approach the tower, you can hear the husband, Gordon, screaming that he’s “on top of the old bridge.” Climb up the tower where the Whisper is and jump across the bridge. Don’t forget to pick up the Western Bridge Key from the corpse!

The Innkeeper's Husband and the Western Bridge key.

And in the most classing RPG-style turn of event, Gordon tells you the pulled-up ladder is too high to climb out from the place. So now you have to go back and take a long way around to push the ladder down for him.

Leave the tower back out of the gate. Head north for a little and you’ll see stairs to climb up. Follow this path and keep climbing up the stairs.

Western Bridge tower.

Keep climbing until you see this door that needs the Western Bridge Key to unlock. Keep going and make sure to be careful. This narrow place is crowded with enemies, which makes dodging them hard. You always have to option to kite them to a place far enough, so you can roll up the steel gate in peace.

Western Bridge door.

Once you manage to roll down the gate, there are two paths. Going straight leads to a locked door, ignore that.

Go south where there’s a chest to unlock and follow the path. Kick down the ladder and you’ll be able to save Gordon. Talk to him and the quest is completed.

Miniboss location where you have to roll down the steel gate.

That’s how you can finish “The Innkeeper’s Husband” quest in No Rest for the Wicked! If you’re looking for the Strange Room and key location in the game, here’s the guide!


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