Farming Simulator 22: How To Refill Seeder

Refill your seeder In Farming Simulator 22.

Among the basic things you need to know about Farming Simulator 22 is planting different types of seeds. Of course, it is quite simple and it is only necessary after a certain period of planting seeds in the field, to refill the seeder with seeds. To do this you need to follow the steps below.

Refill Seeder – Farming Simulator 22

For planting, as we know, we need a tractor and a seeder, you must make sure that the tractor fits the planter, and that it has the appropriate number of horsepower needed to work with the seeder.

Depending on your planter and your needs, you can buy a seeder that also has room for fertilizer or seeds only. In any case, you need to buy the seeds that you are planning to plant.

Whenever you need to refill the seeder, you need to enter the tractor with the seeder attached to it, press F1 to get the help menu with controls, then go in reverse in the direction of the seed bag and you will see the button you need to press to refill the seeder.

In my case, that is the ‘’R’’ key. Make sure the side cover is open. The same procedure is for the planter. Make sure the seeder cover is open as you cannot refill the seeder if the cover is closed.

After this, you can continue planting the seeds you are planting and repeat the same procedure when the seeder will be empty again until you plant the whole field.

Note that the same procedure is for PC players and console players but for console players it is necessary to find out which button you need to press to fill the seeder.

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