Contraband Police: Will There Be An Endless Game Mode?

The struggle for control continues.

Suffering builds character, and you protecting the sanctity of the border post along with the rest of your glorious nation is a testament to that. But all this fun is can be taken away from you rather easily because the game simply wishes to do so. You’re following a story after all and just like time, all you can do is march forward. This has been a concern by the local community as of late which has led to a lot of checkpoint enthusiasts asking the question “Will there be an endless game mode?”

Will There Be An Endless Game Mode for Contraband Police?

By far the closest thing you can do is restart a new game to keep on playing. But nobody wants to reset all the progress they’ve made, what players want is an increase in difficulty and possibly an all-out war across the mountains where more use can be made out of the gear purchased.

Papers, Please had an endless mode where you keep going through different migrants and challenges until you no longer can, so it makes sense that players who loved that game are asking for the same thing from Acaristan.

Luckily, the devs also share the same interest with its player base who only want to protect Acaristan from foreign troublemakers. They have said that they are currently working on a Free Mode with a lot of additional settings to change the game according to your playstyle. So you’ll be expecting a lot more shootouts and ambushes from here on out!

So there you have it, in a matter of weeks you’ll be reassigned to your post by the border and continue doing what you love most; ripping open the upholstery of every vehicle that looks at you funny.

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