Tower Defense Simulator: Solo Hardcore Triumph on Unknown Garden Guide

It’s possible with the new towers!

Tower Defense Simulator Unknown Garden

Most MMOs and other multiplayer games these days often give players a chance to do things on their own. There are some things though that are best experienced with a group but not everyone can get friends and random people to join in. In Tower Defense Simulator, there are levels that you can do solo, and of course, it’s often harder that way but it is possible!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can Solo Hardcore Triumph the Unknown Garden level in the game. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to complete this alone!

Solo Hardcore Triumph on Unknown Garden Guide

With the new update comes new levels you can try and beat in Tower Defense Simulator. Some of the levels in the game were impossible to beat solo, but with the introduction of Jesters it might be possible. Here is how you can solo the Unkown Garden level in the game.

Towers Needed

Here are the towers you’ll need to solo the Unknown Garden:

  • Farm
  • Ranger
  • Commander
  • Minigunner
  • Jester

The Jester is one of the newest towers in the game. Make sure to go check out our guide on the Jester Tower if you haven’t already!

Wave 1-4

For the first few waves, you can turn on the Auto-skip and build farms. Make sure to upgrade them, so you can have enough to buy your first Jester.

Tower Defense Simulator Jester And Farms

Wave 5-15

At Wave 5, you’ll want to place down a Jester as shown in the image above. Upgrade them so it’ll increase the range and damage.

You’ll get damaged from missing a few mobs here and there, but don’t worry about that. Focus on getting money by buying more farms and getting another Jester and placing it in the area shown below.

At around the end of Wave 15, you’ll want to place a Ranger on top of the rocks near the enemy spawn. From that area, they can almost cover the entirety of the map.

Tower Defense Simulator Place Ranger

Wave 16-35

From Wave 16 onward, you’ll want to place a Commander near the rock where you placed the ranger. This will make sure future Rangers we place there get buffed.

You’ll also want to start placing Minigunners near the second Jester. Make sure to also keep on buying and upgrading farms to keep the cash flowing as you place more towers.

Later down the line, you’ll want to place another Jester nearer the spawn. This is so we can get a bit of damage over time as well as debuffs on enemies before they reach the second Jester.

Start Placing more Rangers on the rock as you get near to Wave 35, you’ll need them for the next wave.

Tower Defense Simulator Commander Jester And Minigunners

Wave 36

This wave is where the first boss in the level appears and it’s the Grave Digger. Make sure to use your Rangers and target the boss as it appears.

With around 5 Rangers, 3 Commanders, and 3 Minigunners you can beat the boss as it reaches the middle of the map.

Tower Defense Simulator Grave Digger

Wave 37-43

Once you have around 6 Rangers on the rock, you’ll want to start adding in more Minigunners into the blob. Make sure there are multiple commanders there to buff them and make sure the Minigunners are within their range.

Tower Defense Simulator Molten Boss

Wave 44

This is another Boss wave and this time it’s the Molten Boss. With your large numbers of maxed-out Rangers and the multiple Minigunners, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Just make sure you have a lot of the latter.

Tower Defense Simulator Molten Boss Defeated

Wave 45-49

Once you’ve reached this point in the level keep on adding more Minigunners and make sure to upgrade them all to max.

At Wave 47 and 48, bosses will appear but with a large number of upgraded Minigunners, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Wave 50 (Final Wave)

The last wave will of course have the last boss in the level and that’s the Void Reaver. Your towers should easily defeat the lesser mobs going through and will later focus on the boss.

Make sure along the line of the path you’ll have max-level Jesters to throw confusion bombs at the boss to stall it a bit.

Moreover, ensure to delete the Jesters when they’re out of range of the boss and place new ones along its path.

Tower Defense Simulator Void Reaver

Most likely, the boss will start going through the bulk of your towers and get through. At that point, start selling the towers that are no longer in range and move them further down the path as shown below. This will keep the damage up on the boss along the entire path.

Keep on placing Jesters to make it backtrack, make sure all towers are upgraded and you should defeat the boss before it reaches the end.

Tower Defense Simulator Void Reaver 2

That’s how you solo Hardcore Triumph the Unknown Garden in Tower Defense Simulator. Now, go out there and try it out yourself!

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