Tower Heroes: How To Get Figure Egg

Solo? No problem.

Tower Heroes is a Roblox tower defense game that features uniquely designed units that will defend you and attack any enemies that try to get to their objective. Tower Heroes is not all about just playing the game same game over and over again, but they also have events to spice up the game. Right now, the Easter event called Egg Hunt is now live and you can find eggs scattered all over the game. In this guide, I will show you how to get one such egg called the Figure Egg in Tower Heroes.

How To Get Figure Egg

Now, in order to get the Figure Egg, you will need to play on The Library map by yourself. Yes, you need to do this solo. However, you can do this on any difficulty. I recommend doing this on the easiest difficulty so you won’t have to worry about your units while doing the process in getting the Figure Egg.

Playing The Library map solo to get the Figure Egg in Tower Heroes.

Once you have loaded into the game, go to the counter and look at the book next to the typewriter. This will have the solution on what code you need to input in order to get the Figure Egg. The hard part here is finding the code, as it requires you to get books in order to find what symbol is on it and what it represents (which you can see on the top left corner of your screen).

Looking at the guide to see what symbols are needed in Tower Heroes.

Finding 9 Books

You will need to find 9 books, all of which will have differing numbers associated with the symbol. You can find them by looking around the shelves and keeping an eye out for books that are different colored from the rest (usually distinguishable from the lighting).

Bear in mind that the numbers next to the symbols will be randomly generated, as well as the guide on the counter. So you can’t just look up the solution, as it will differ per person. You will need to do this in the game.

Getting books in The Library to get more numbers and symbols in Tower Heroes.

When you find all 9 books and have all the symbols with numbers, go back to the guide and study it. The guide will have Roman Numeral numbers above them, indicating the order they are placed in. The symbols themselves will represent the numbers you need to put in.

For example, a star, circle, diamond, square, and X are the symbols. Next, look at the numbers associated with the symbols and put them in order. The solution for this one will be 29360.

Using the guide to get the code in Tower Heroes.

Redeem the Figure Egg

Now that you have the code, go back to the lobby and input the code in the Redeem Code tab. Once you redeem it, you will immediately get the Figure Egg.

Putting in the code to get the Figure Egg in Tower Heroes.

That’s all you need to know on how to get the Figure Egg in Tower Heroes. Did this guide help you understand what you need to do in order to get the Figure Egg? Let us know in the comments below.

If you need help finding the other eggs, then we have the guides that will help you. You can check out this next guide that will show you how to get the Jester Egg.


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