Tower Heroes: How To Get Jester Egg

Getting the Jester Egg is this easy? Surely, you jest!

Tower Heroes: How To Get Jester Egg

If you like playing Tower Defense games then you are going to love Tower Heroes. And the best thing is, it is completely free to play on Roblox. There is an Egg Hunt going in the game in which players collect various Eggs by completing their requirements. Some Eggs are easy to get while others require some time. This guide will be showing you how to get the Jester Egg. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Get Jester Egg

In order to get the Jester Egg, you will need the tower called Jester. If you do not have it already, I will show you how to get it below.

How To Get Jester

Jester - Tower Heroes: How To Get Jester Egg
Level 1 Form of Jester.

You can get Jester by completing Chaos Kingdom map on Challenge Mode in Hard difficulty. Afterwards, buy Jester from the shop for 600 Coins.

Note: You need to be Level 40+ to play the Chaos Kingdom map.

Getting The Jester Egg

Once you have the Jester tower, join any map you like with Jester. Place Jester and let it attack enemies, it will randomly drop the Jester Egg. Just keep placing Jester and then removing it to make the process faster. Once the Jester Egg drops, touch it to add it to your collection.

That wraps up this quick guide. If you like playing Tower Heroes, then I suggest checking Anime Spirits out. It is an awesome free to play fighting game on Roblox. You will be needing a lot of Gold in the game so check this guide for tips: Best Way To Farm Gold Guide in Anime Sprits.


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