Ship Graveyard Simulator: How To Upgrade Furnace

Craft more items using the Furnace!

As you dismantle more ship parts in the Ship Graveyard Simulator, you gain access to different materials like Oil. You can use these materials to craft new items like Kerosine using the Furnace. 

How to use the Furnace

The Furnace is a material melting system in the Ship Graveyard Simulator. You have the access to the furnace as you begin the game. However, you need to check the recipe first to create a new set of materials. 

Put the appropriate set of materials in the furnace and adjust the temperature. You will also need to adjust the air circulation and cooling to melt materials. In the town, you will find NPCs that will request materials from you. 

How to Upgrade Furnace

The materials you melt using the furnace are more expensive and you can use them to build or upgrade structures. Next to the furnace, you will find a Workshop. This is where you can store your materials and items. 

Click on the Workshop and go to the Workshop upgrade menu. Once you upgrade the Workshop, this will also upgrade the Furnace. Upgrading to the 2nd tier will require Kerosene, Cast Steel and Brass. However, this will improve your furnace and give you more storage space. 

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