Tower of Fantasy: Cold Fish Mint Recipe

Cold food can be pretty good too.

Tower of Fantasy may not have the graphical fidelity of The Last of Us Part 1, but it doesn’t mean that the graphics are bad. Nowadays, art style is what carries a game. While the impressive realistic graphics of The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption 2, or the God of War 2018 game are incredible and amazing examples of photorealistic graphics, art style still prevails. Combining art style and graphics will guarantee you a good looking game. Tower of Fantasy is one of them, and their food certainly looks the part too.

Cold Fish Mint Recipe – Tower of Fantasy

The Cold Fish Mint recipe is honestly a weird recipe to have. It’s just Fish Mint, but cold. Doesn’t really take much to figure out what you need: which is just Fish Mint.

Throw it in the Cooking Machine and voila, Cold Fish Mint. Which doesn’t make sense because you cook it, but it comes out cold?

Either way, video game logic is at work here so just enjoy the new food and make as many as you want if you have more Fish Mints in your inventory.

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