Tower of Fantasy: Rossy Location | Elite

Find the Elite enemy, Rossy by using this guide.

Finding enemies in Tower of Fantasy is easy, as you can just go out into the open world and encounter them along the paths. However, Elite enemies are found in specific places than can be hard to reach or are surrounded by enemies to help protect them. Which makes sense, as they are the elite of the group. In this guide, we will be focusing on finding Rossy, an Elite enemy that you can take down when you find them. If you are interested in fighting all Elite enemies, follow this guide and we will show you where Rossy is.

Rossy Location – Towe of Fantasy

Go to the Black Stone Tower in the Confounding Abyss

Rossy can be found in the Confounding Abyss, just to the right of Black Stone Tower.

You can find Rossy with three other enemy NPC’s with it.

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