No Man’s Sky Omega: 10 Things You Should Know for the Omega Expedition

Prepare for your next big expedition with these tips!

No Man’s Sky just released its long-awaited Omega update and I’m here to tell you the 10 things you should know for the Omega Expedition in No Man’s Sky. This update features a new starship, game modes, and more excitingly, a new expedition.

This update is open to all, for free, even if you don’t own No Man’s Sky, so players in and outside of the community are excited about what it brings. There’s a lot of ground to cover with this update, so let’s get to it!

10 Things You Should Know For The Omega Expedition 

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for this new Omega update. With the introduction of the Omega expedition, players can prepare for their next adventures by collecting items and Nanites to help make the next expeditions smoother and more efficient.

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Gameplay still of No Man's Sky from the cockpit.

1. Start Through An Existing Save

There’s a huge amount of units, Nanites, storage augments, and tech needed to run an expedition. This can even range from 20 to 30000 Nanites for just running an expedition. 

SIDE NOTE: Here’s the best way to farm Nanites if you’re looking for some extra moola!

You can help yourself save Nanites with an existing save. The feature that allows you to start an expedition with existing saves enables a cache of technology and resources as you start it.  Note that this is only as you start it, and you can’t change it later.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Packaged Economy Scanner
  • Advanced Mining Laser (or three radiant shards with an Inverted Mirror)
  • 200 Cactus Flesh
  • 200 Fungal Mold

Many existing saves will have small or large farms with a few of these plants. Having 200 of each with you should save you a bit of time.

Inventory menu in No Man's Sky.

Accomplish Milestones

Milestones will grant you Nanites and other items that can help you explore planets with ease.

2. Milestone Stardust

This may be in Phase 2 but it’s recommended that you do this as soon as you leave the starting planet. This is because it rewards you with a prepackaged Optical Drill unit to help you get more resources when mining and save you more time.

This milestone also grants a prepackaged Trade Rocket. This item will be a huge help with inventory management and fund gathering, especially in the early game. 

Alternatively, we have a dedicated guide on how to get the Trade Rocket for free!

A quick tip for finding asteroid fields right away is to enter pulse in space and get ready to drop out the moment you see asteroids flying by. 

Accomplish screen in No Man's Sky.

3. Milestone Boundary Failure

This milestone is in phase 4 and might be trickier to accomplish. This milestone requires you to kill 25 Sentinels which could be difficult for someone just starting. 

To do this, pulse to Nash. This is a sub-zero planet with salvageable scrap. Gather this scrap because it can be used to get easier Sentinel kills.

SIDE NOTE: There’s also a cool Sentinel Ship up for grabs. Read our dedicated guide on how to get the Sentinel Ship for more valuable information!

The corrupt Sentinels that show up won’t be able to call for reinforcements, so this is a great option for players who aren’t confident in their combat abilities yet. 

Alternatively, you can shoot a normal Sentinel and keep shooting all its other companions. Do this until you reach three stars. On the third wave, a Summoner will spawn, don’t shoot it. Instead, just use this Summoner to keep making Sentinels you can destroy.

Fighting Sentinels in No Man's Sky.

Make sure you destroy the Healing Drones. If you don’t the Summoner will only spawn standard drones, which drop Salvage Glass. This is also a great way to collect some early-game technology and Nanites. 

Once you’re done killing all 25 Sentinels, just run away until the drones stop chasing you. Keep in mind that Milestones won’t show up while you’re in the middle of combat, so keep an eye on the Milestone in the Expedition menu to make sure that you’ve accomplished it. 

Finishing this Milestone grants a fully upgraded S-Class multi-tool.

4. Milestone Palette Cleanser

Nash is a great planet for setting up a base and completing many of the initial Milestones. You can set up your area for crafting biscuits, which is a requirement to accomplish the Palette Cleaner Milestone in Phase 4.

SIDE NOTE: Read our guide on how to build low-orbit bases to get a better idea of base building!

Do this by grabbing a Sweetroot and Heptaploid Wheat. Later when you’ve completed the Grand Tour (more on this later) and just got your Nutrient Processor, just cook one Sweetroot, Sugar, and one Heptaploid Wheat to flour, and combine them into sweet dough.

Combine the Sweet Dough with another Sweetroot and you will get the Milestone.

Nutrient Processor screen in No Man's Sky.

5. Grand Tour

Talking about the Grand Tour, it’s a lot easier than you think. While on Nash, take a screenshot while in photo mode.

When you’re ready, pulse over to Hats, the low-atmosphere planet. You don’t need to land, just fly into the atmosphere until you can see the coordinates on the ship’s hood or until the game notifies you that you’ve entered the atmosphere.

Enter photo mode and take another screenshot. After this, pulse to Rowrbrig Delta and do the same. Enter the atmosphere and go into photo mode to take a screenshot. 

6. Milestone Fallen Giants

This Milestone in Phase 4 can be a pain. Here, you will have to find a Sunken Freighter. Normally, you will need a Nautilon to scan for this, but we have the location of the Sunken Freighter right here.

The location of the Sunken Freighter will be found in these coordinates: -31.76, -89.79 on Haku. When you reach it, just land on the part of the freighter sticking out of the water. Dive down and go through the dialogue in the freighter black box and the Milestone will be completed.

Coordinates of the Sunken Freight.

7&8. Milestone Blue Expanse and Fallen

To accomplish this milestone, don’t waste your time looking for a blue system. Instead, head to Rendezvous 5, which is a blue star. 

The Indium Drive you’ll need to reach this star is rewarded from the Fallen Milestone in Phase 5. You can complete this milestone early on so get this done before leaving the Rendezvous 4 system.

9. Expedition Subsave 

The expedition subsave within the standard save is more separate than you might think. This save includes a weekend mission, which you can complete along with Daily missions that reward Quicksilver. Accomplish both dailies and weekend missions in both saves to double your Quicksilver earning potential.

The more save-specific use of this feature can be done for emergency broadcast receivers used to locate derelict freighters. 

You get a free one of these every week resetting on Mondays from Iteration: Helios on the Anomaly. You need to activate this freebie by running a derelict in Fall.  Fortunately, the Fallen Giant Milestone rewards an Emergency Signal Scanner so you can just use that to quickly run a derelict freighter.

Unlock the free one every week from Helios and get a few extra before the Expedition ends to take with you to your main save. That being said, be sure to grab the free one on your primary save every week as well.

Mission info in No Man's Sky.

You can also take advantage of the Nanites rewarded back to your primary save. You can use the 78 Salvage Data from your primary save (to learn base building blueprints) and instead use them to buy base building blueprints on your Expedition save.

10. Photonix Core

One of the biggest deals for long-term players in this Expedition is that it enables all players to receive a Photonix Core. This module was only available to players who preordered No Man’s Sky on the PS4.

This is an extra pulse engine module. Its basic stats aren’t crazy powerful but its ability to impart adjacency bonuses as an extra potential module is high. Many pulse engine stats are multiplicative.

To get this module, just redeem your Starborn Runner after completing the Expedition. It will have a Photonix Core preinstalled. Make sure the Expedition subsave has a Starborn Runner as its active ship and then make a copy on your Primary save. This will give you two Starborn Runner ships and two Photonix Cores.

Menu screen for the Photonix Core.

The secret is you can get a third in just a few steps. After making a copy, package the Photonix Core on the Expedition subsave and when you end the Expedition for good, you can take it with you along with all of the Salvage data, signal scanners, and other things you managed to obtain.

The limit to how many Photonix Cores you can have is three, so make sure you take advantage of these tips. 

And that’s all 10 things you should know for the Omega Expedition in No Man’s Sky! There’s a lot of exploring to do, and places to see, so make sure you make the most out of this jampacked update!

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