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Tower of Fantasy: The Vermin Brothers Location

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Tower of Fantasy The Vermin Brothers Location

Enemy camps for players to clear is a great way to not only hide loot and strong enemies, but also have something for the player to look forward to. When they see an enemy camp in the map or in the distance most players who like fighting just go for it. That’s because they know there are enemies there to defeat and loot to collect, as well as XP to gain. There are games that do this too much though, Ubisoft games like Far Cry for an example is a game with too many of this enemy outpost stuff. In Tower of Fantasy there are just the right amount of enemy outposts for you to clear and in this guide, we’ll show you one of them with a named enemy – the Vermin Brothers.

The Vermin Brothers Location In Tower of Fantasy

There are many enemy camps in Tower of Fantasy, some of them hold supply drops or chests that you can get. You’ll have to defeat the enemies around it though if you want to get that loot, but really that’s just a bonus. Some of these camps even have named enemies that you can fight, and if you defeat them, you get achievements, XP and items so it’s great to look for them.

One of the named enemies, Vermin Brothers is just southwest of the Mega Arena and east of the Southern Ring Ranges. The camp is full of other enemies so feel free to defeat them as well.

Source: WoW Quests – YouTube

Your target is on top one of the platforms in the base. The Vermin Brother has a shield that you need to bust through before actually damaging him but overall, it’s not a tough fight. The only way you can make this fight tougher is if you bring all the other mobs to it so you fight them all at once. 

Source: WoW Quests – YouTube

Congratulations you now know where to find the Vermin Brother, now go out there and fight it yourself! Massive thanks to WoW Quests for showing the location of this enemy, if you want more information check his video out here: The Vermin Brothers Location Tower of Fantasy – YouTube

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